Try TON O LOVE... Uh, we mean... TON O BUD!

A tale as old as time... 


Between a plant and their nutrients that is. 


Plants LOVE Ton O Bud. Especially Vinny! In fact, he loves Ton O Bud so much he wrote a book about it! 


Simply put... Ton O Bud is an additive designed to pack bulk onto your buds during the middle stages of your flowering cycle. 


It is a concentrated P-K (phosphorous and potassium) additive. 

Your plant requires extra potassium and phosphorus during the flowering stage. Phosphorus helps with resin production and potassium will help promote root, stem, and branch growth. It will also increase your plants terpene production. Terpenes are what give your plant that great flavour! 


Future Harvest Ton O Bud Powders


Once your plant starts to form buds we recommend upping the PK. This is why we designed Ton O Bud to help boost your plant with phosphorus and potassium in that crucial flower development stage. 


But remember! You can’t just use Ton O Bud when you’re in the flowering stage. Your plant still needs to get the essential macro and micro nutrients it requires. Continue to feed your plant with your base NPK nutrients along with Ton O Bud and any other additives you may be using. 


Note: We DON’T recommend using all our flowering additives at once! Bud Start, Ton O Bud, and Bud Boom were designed to be used at separate stages during flower.



Ton O Bud is one of the best selling, if not the best selling additive in Future Harvest’s extensive additives range!


It is globally recognized and has a proven reputation as one of the most powerful plant enhancing additives on the market.


Future Harvest Ton O Bud Group


The benefits are plain and simple, higher end yields and drastically increased flower set, meaning more flowers are present, with tighter and more compact density, without compromising quality and flavour.


Key Features:

  • Does not significantly add to EC levels unlike most P-K products
  • Works alongside and in addition to all industry leading manufacturer feed schedules
  • Produces rapid, visible results
  • Works for all grow media and methods
  • Tried and tested worldwide



Future Harvest Ton O Bud Best Selling Additive


Ton O Bud FAQs:


Q: Do you mix this and the other Future Harvest Nutrients together in Week 4 and 5 of flower or just use Ton O Bud in Week 4 and 5? 

A: During Week 4 and 5 you would use all your regular base nutrients and additives but would stop using Bud Start and switch to Ton O Bud. Check out our feed schedules found HERE for more info. 


Q: Is Ton O Bud available in other countries besides Canada?

A: Yes! You can find Ton O Bud at local retailers across the United Kingdom and the United States. Future Harvest online also offers FREE shipping to the USA over $150. 


Q: Is dilution recommended when using the liquid Ton O Bud?

A: Yes, you must always dilute the Liquid Ton O Bud in water with our recommended dosages or else your plant will face nutrient toxicity.


Q: What growing mediums can I use Ton O Bud in?

A: Ton O Bud can be used in all growing mediums: soil, coco, and hydroponics. 


Q: I have an older bottle of Ton O Bud that recommends I use it during week 2 and 3 of flowering... but your website says different. What should I do?

A: We are always actively fine tuning our feed schedule to achieve the best results! As new strains and techniques are developed we adjust our feeding schedules accordingly. In the past we had our Bud Start going in in Week 1 flower, then having Ton O Bud right after in Week 2 and 3. After vigorous testing, we've found better results with adding in the flowering boosters once the bud just starts to bloom which happens in Week 2. We changed the feed schedule to start adding Bud Start in Week 2-3 and Ton O Bud in Week 4-5 then finishing off with Bud Boom from week 6+.  As older bottles come out of circulation, you will start to see updated directions on the newer bottles!





Any questions? Email us at or send us a message on Instagram @futureharvestdevelopment and we will help you as best we can!

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