Valentines for Stoners

With Valentine's Day coming up we were looking for the perfect Valentines to give to our favorite gromies! We didn't find anything that quite fit the mood we wanted to convey... We figured you guys might be having a hard time finding a Valentine that embodies your true passion as well! So we made some... 


Screenshot and send to a friend, print one off and attach it to your Valentine's gift, or just scroll through and have a chuckle... Here are 12 Valentines for Stoners. 


 1. "Love is a JOINT effort" 

Get it? Joint?!

Love is a joint effort cannabis marijuana valentine


 Perfect for that special someone in your life... 


2. "You're so DOPE" 

Perfect to send to your best gromie!


You're so Dope Cannabis Marijuana valentine



4. "You TOKE my breath away" 

Like take? Funny right???

You Toke my Breath Away cannabis marijuana valentine



5. "I'm not trying to be BLUNT but... can I hit that?" 

Maybe save this one for someone EXTRA special...


I'm not trying to be blunt but, can I hit that? Cannabis marijuana valentine


 Extra points if you can roll a heart shaped joint!


6. "You're my best BUD" 

For that gromie you love to share your precious buds with. 

You're my best bud cannabis marijuana valentine



7. "HIGH love you!"

Nothing says love quite like sharing the munchies. 

High love you cannabis marijuana valentine



8. "CANNABE your valentine?" 

CannaBe your CannaBae?


CannaBe your valentine? Cannabis marijuana valentines day


 The kids are still saying bae right??


9. "You LIGHT up my life" 

For the friend who never forgets their lighter. 


You Light up my Life cannabis marijuana valentine



10. "You make me feel the HIGHEST" 

This is a perfect one to send to your plug.


You make me feel the highest cannabis marijuana valentine


 Or your nutrient company. We help you get high too you know...


11. "WEED go well together"

 Is it possible to send a valentine to your bong??




12. " 'juana be my valentine?" 

Last but not least... We're sending this one out to all our loyal customers. 'juana be our valentine??? 


'juana be my valentine? cannabis marijuana valentines day

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