Have You Fallen For These Cannabis Myths?

There is so much information about cannabis out there. From legends to where the phrase "420" originated, to facts about drying and curing buds. 


We're here to bust some cannabis myths and maybe teach you something in the process! Check out some common myths we've heard floating around...



"I can’t grow my own, it will stink up the neighbourhood."


With an activated charcoal filter, it is easy to eliminate odour from your indoor flowering plants by filtering your ventilated air to the outdoors or outside of your tent. 



"Purple weed is more potent."


Strains that produces purple pigments do so because of their genetic disposition to contain more anthocyanins beneath the green pigment of the chlorophyll cells. As nutrients are remobilized in flower, the reduction of chlorophyll reveals the purple pigment underneath. This has no correlation to the resinous THC trichomes the true active psycho-active ingredient determining potency. 



"Plants can’t use green light." 

For a long time, LED light companies focused on blue and red spectrums of light within the photosynthetically active radiation range from 400 to 700 nanometers. Today it is known that green light is in fact used in photosynthesis and has canopy penetrating qualities that the other spectrums lack. 



"Cannabis is legal in Amsterdam."

The Netherlands have not actually legalized cannabis and though they have decriminalized consumption for personal use, cultivation and distribution remains illegal. Holland just has a long tradition of allowing cannabis coffeeshops to sell what they determine to be negligibly small amounts without punishment.



"‘420’, was coined after the police code in California." 

Apparently the term actually originated referring to the time-of-day early cannabis culture influencers known as the Waldos would meet after school to get high, though perhaps those claims should be taken with a grain of salt as well. 


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