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Plantacillin promotes enzymatic activity to establish a healthy root system. Enzyme production will strengthen your plant's overall health and increase yields

Key Features:

  • Can be used on all grow media and systems, although mix well for hydroponic systems
  • It is effective and can be used in any stage of plant growth

Product Comparison:

  1. General Hydroponics: Sub Culture M
  2. Advanced: Sensizym, Piranha
  3. Botanicare: Hydroguard




2ml/4L 2ml/4L
CUTTINGS 2ml/4L 2ml/4L
VEGETATIVE w1 2ml/4L 2ml/4L
w2 2ml/4L 2ml/4L
w3 4ml/4L 4ml/4L
w4 4ml/4L 4ml/4L
FLOWERING w1 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w2 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w3 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w4 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w5 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w6 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w7 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w8 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
*Extreme feeding schedules are designed for advanced gardeners only, and are designed to be used in conjunction with our full product line.

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  • Hi I’m currently using your 3 part holland secret and calnesium and propogator reverse osmosis water and then ph ing the water to between 6 and 6.5 I’m in week 4 of flower my ppm is usually 150 to 250 ppm then what is a recommended ppm If I add planticillan will this bring up the ppm this grow is in soil will be going Bubbleponics in 4 weeks when these ones finish plants are healthy and producing good buds but if I can bring ppm into recommend scale I’m thinking plants would benefit to the fullest

    Hello, thanks for the question.
    The more nutrients you add to the water the higher th PPM's will be, generally for week 4 you will want around 1000-1400 PPM.
    As the plant feeds on the water you will see the PPM's gradually go down.

    Is your plant getting the Micro, Grow, Bloom and Calnesium and any bud additives?
    Make sure you give your plant the Bud Start, Ton O Bud and Bud Boom
    for the most ideal results at flower.