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Plantacillin promotes enzymatic activity to establish a healthy root system. Enzyme production will strengthen your plant's overall health and increase yields

Key Features:

  • Can be used on all grow media and systems, although mix well for hydroponic systems
  • It is effective and can be used in any stage of plant growth

Product Comparison:

  1. General Hydroponics: Sub Culture M
  2. Advanced: Sensizym, Piranha
  3. Botanicare: Hydroguard






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  • Hello, I 'm wondering if I can use the Plantacillin and the hydro guard from Botanicare in same time. thanks for your help. regards

    While they would be compatible together, it would be overkill to provide both to your plant.

  • Hey I was wondering if plantacillian expires? Also it should help wit root rot right? So I wouldn't need any other supplements if I am occurring root rot that should clear it up

    Hey Shane, great question.

    Plantacillian will have about 2-3 years shelf life before we recommend replacing it.

    If it goes over that date we would ask you pour some out in a clear cup and send us a photo and we can verify if its good.


    You are correct, Plantacillin will help turn any waste material into useable food for the roots.

    You could just use Plantacillin alone to treat root rot but I would recommend adding Super B+ and Royal Gold

    for increased effect and recovery.


    Also I’d recommend going light on your next waters & to allow the medium to fully dry out between waters.

    Best of luck


  • Is plantacillin the same as hydro sparkle and hygrozyme? Im currently using them all and not sure if i really should be using them together. I am also using great white mycohorizae.

    Hey Erich, Plantacillin is self-replicating and will increase in strength over time, whereas an enzyme product will lose potency as time goes on but they do essentially the same job.

    It will live and work with mycorrhizae, the disadvantages to mycorrhizae however is that they are sensitive to high levels of phosphate and have a limited shelf life.  Plantacillin is tolerant to phosphate and will be potent pretty much indefinitely (if stored under proper conditions).

    Hopefully this answers your questions.
    Best regards

  • Hi I’m currently using your 3 part holland secret and calnesium and propogator reverse osmosis water and then ph ing the water to between 6 and 6.5 I’m in week 4 of flower my ppm is usually 150 to 250 ppm then what is a recommended ppm If I add planticillan will this bring up the ppm this grow is in soil will be going Bubbleponics in 4 weeks when these ones finish plants are healthy and producing good buds but if I can bring ppm into recommend scale I’m thinking plants would benefit to the fullest

    Hello, thanks for the question.
    The more nutrients you add to the water the higher th PPM's will be, generally for week 4 you will want around 1000-1400 PPM.
    As the plant feeds on the water you will see the PPM's gradually go down.

    Is your plant getting the Micro, Grow, Bloom and Calnesium and any bud additives?
    Make sure you give your plant the Bud Start, Ton O Bud and Bud Boom
    for the most ideal results at flower.