Easy Bloom Plus (SOIL & COCO)

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Plantlife's EASY BLOOM PLUS is a 1-step, pH stable, complete nutrient formulation for all your gardening needs.  EASY BLOOM PLUS will achieve a "plant friendly" 6.2-6.5 pH using standard water.  It will provide your fruiting and flowering plants with all 12 essential micro nutrients and sugars.

SOIL & COCO (3-6-6)




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  • Is it same amount of ppm for coco than soil? I know a "PROMIX" SOIL IS ABOUT 1800 PMM straight off the bag and coco starts around 600 to 800 and the medium doesnt hold salts like a reg dirt so... should I be more aggressive with coco and should I add calcium/magnesium to it as its inexistant in coco?

    Hello Matt, it would be best to use the cal/mag in small dosages till the plant reaches pre flower.

    If its showing any signs of defeciency you could add it earlier.

    Best regards

  • So i mixed 1/4 teaspoon of easy grow with 500 ml water do i water every other day with this or once a week , my plant is 2 inches tall. does feed feed flush mean first and second weed feed 3 rd week just filtered water, please reply also where can i find more information on growing with your product easy bloom. regards

    Hey there Ian. Thanks for supporting Future Harvest Nutrients. It sounds like your plant is still fairly young if its only 2 inches tall. I would water every other day with ¼ recommended dosage. Then every third water we recommend just ph’d water. ( not completely necessary but is a good habit ) I’d give them ¼ or 1/3 dosages till the plant is 4 weeks or older.   On our website under the download section you can find our feed schedules. Here is the link to our powdered feed guides. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0083/1668/2358/files/Metric-easyseries.jpg?247     If you have anymore questions please feel to contact me again Best regards -Jesse

  • Do I use easy grow for every watering or only once per week

    We suggest following a FEED, FEED, FLUSH rotation. Flush meaning just regular pH balanced water.

  • Do you have a feed chart for the Easy Grow and Bloom products in peat based medium?

    Yes, please take a look at our powder feed schedule under the downloads section. Although the title says "soil", this schedule is suitable for other soilless mediums such as coco/peat moss, etc. Here is the link to it: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0083/1668/2358/files/FHD-powder-products.pdf?16784821827459725356 Keep in mind that Carbo Blast, Bud Start, Ton O Bud and Bud Boom are optional additives. They are just an added bonus to the program.