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Easy Plus Pack - 2x500g

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The Ultimate NPK Fertilizer for Beginner Growers

Looking for a simple, effective, and pH-stable nutrient solution for your garden? Look no further!

Introducing the Easy Plus Pack, featuring Easy Grow+ and Easy Bloom+, the ultimate NPK fertilizer for all your gardening needs. These 1-step, complete nutrient formulations provide your fruiting and flowering plants with all 12 essential macro and micro nutrients.

Easy Grow+ and Easy Bloom+ achieve a "plant-friendly" pH of 6.2-6.5 using standard water, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and plant health. Whether you're a novice or an expert gardener, the Easy Plus Pack makes plant nutrition effortless.


Easy Grow (5-4-7)




Easy Bloom (3-6-6)



Key Features:

  • One-step, pH-stable nutrient solution for hassle-free gardening.
  • Achieves a "plant-friendly" pH of 6.2-6.5 with standard water.
  • Provides all 12 essential macro and micro nutrients for optimal plant health.
  • Suitable for both fruiting and flowering plants.

What Does NPK Stand For?

NPK stands for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), the three primary nutrients essential for plant growth. The Easy Plus Pack provides a balanced NPK ratio, ensuring your plants receive the right nutrients at the right time for optimal growth and flowering.

Downloads and Schedules

For more information on how to use our Easy Plus Series, please refer to our Downloads and Schedules tab.

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