Three bottles of Future Harvest’s Vinny’s Grower Choice including: Grow, Common, and Bloom.




Vinny's Growers Choice is a two part nutrient system which has been used successfully for over 20 years in Canada.  The two part system offers simplicity to the grower without sacrificing yield or quality of the product.  The Grow component contains all of the essential plant nutrients at levels ideal for vegetative growth and the Bloom component contains the proper ratios needed for flowering.  The Common is to be used in conjunction with the other parts and will provide Calcium which is not compatible in high concentrations with the Phosphorus and Sulfur contained in the other components and rounds off the nutrient requirements of the plants.

While Vinny's Growers Choice can be effective when used alone, it is also the ideal base for additives and is compatible with all brands.


Key Features:

  • Sediment free to keep growing systems clean and plug free.
  • Only uses 2 of the 3 products at one time giving simplicity and less chance for error.
  • Instructions that can make sense to the novice without sacrificing effectiveness for the advanced growers.
  • Wherever possible mined minerals are used over synthetic chemicals.
  • pH buffered close to the optimum range allowing for minimal adjustments.
  • The ingredients are stable and are guaranteed for 2 years without any kind of changes or breakdown of the product.
  • Packaged on an automated bottling line which results in minimal contact with the operator lessening the chance of contamination.
  • All bottles are foil sealed to eliminate contamination while on the shelf and to prevent tampering.
  • The product is filtered 4 times to 1 micrometer, eliminating all but the very smallest of microbe.
  • Economically priced to save the consumer money.