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Cal-Pow is a water soluble blend that will provide your plants with the right combination of essential Calcium and Magnesium during all stages of plant growth.

Applications: Soil, Soilless, Coco, Rockwool, Hydroponics and Aeroponics

Size: 500g

Dilution Ratio: Mix 1g per 4L (1gal) in the vegetative stage and 2g per 4L (1gal) in the flowering stage. 


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  • What's in it how is it made, I use general organics and they are out of Cal/Mag

    Hey, the Cal-Pow is a Syntheic nutrient.
    Since you are using general organics are you looking
    for an organic version of Cal-Mag?
    if so I would reccomend out Organical Magic product,
    this is a naturally derived Calcium and Magnesium product.