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Vegetative Stage Fertilizer

Introducing DOSALINE GROW, the essential vegetative stage fertilizer in the Dosaline 2-Part water-soluble fertilizer system. Specially crafted for commercial cultivation, DOSALINE GROW complements DOSALINE BASE to provide a balanced nutrient solution for your plants during the critical growth stage.

Superior Formula for Robust Growth

DOSALINE GROW harnesses the power of Ammonium Sulfate and Diammonium Phosphate for enhanced nitrogen availability, promoting vigorous vegetative growth. Coupled with Potassium Nitrate and Iron EDTA, it ensures optimal potassium and iron absorption, setting the foundation for lush, green foliage.

Perfect for Automatic Fertigation Systems

The Dosaline line is compatible with most popular fertilizer injection systems. Our carefully selected ingredients prevent clogging in irrigation lines and emitters.

Conforms to Health and Safety Standards

Pesticide testing meets Health Canada guidelines for cannabis production. Heavy Metal, Coliform, and Salmonella levels conform to CFIA standards.

Derived From: Ammonium Sulfate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Diammonium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Iron EDTA



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Key Features:

  • Quickly mix higher stock tank concentrations in cold water.
  • Minimal use of potassium sulfate keeps sulfur levels optimal, benefiting your crop.
  • Works with all fertilizer injection systems without clogging lines or emitters.
  • Free of dyes and colorants, keeping your irrigation lines clean.


  1. According to the feed chart, calculate and weigh the powder needed for the desired stock solution volume.
  2. Fill the stock tank to ¾ of the final volume with reverse osmosis water.
  3. Add the powder and mix until fully dissolved.
  4. Top up to the final volume with reverse osmosis water.
  5. Never mix Dosaline Base in the same stock tank with Dosaline Grow or Dosaline Bloom; nutrient fallout will occur.


  1. According to the feed chart, calculate and weigh the powder needed for the desired nutrient solution volume.
  2. Fully dissolve the weighed powder with the desired volume of water.
  3. Adjust the pH of the nutrient solution between 5.5-6.5.

Dosaline Commercial Product Line


Feed charts are recommendations only. Adjustments may be needed based on crop type, environment, water quality, and grow system.

Depending on your water quality and storage conditions, we recommend using up a stock solution within 2-3 weeks of preparation, as mold may grow in the solution. Generally, the mold is harmless to your plants; however, it may clog your lines and emitters over time. We do not recommend adding hydrogen peroxide to the stock solution to control growth as it may precipitate the iron contained in the blend.

The Dosaline system is formulated very differently from competitor products, and we do not recommend substituting components from other systems.

For more information, visit www.dosaline.com