Personal Flower Box

Brand: Future Harvest

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Boost your flowering with the Personal Flower Box. 


Kit Includes:

Carbo Blast 1L

Liquid Ton-O-Bud 1L 

Liquid Bud Boom 1L 

Liquid Bud Start 1L 


Ask a Question
  • How many plants and for how long will each box cover?

    Hey Shawn, I would say the Personal Grow box and Personal Flower Box could easily feed up to 6 small - medium sized indoor plants for their entire life cycle.

  • Hi I was wondering about the personal flower box and if they are used with the 3 part grow or all by itself without anything else?

    The Personal Flower Box contains additives that supplement a 3-part grow. You should not use it by itself or else you will see deficiencies.

  • Just wondering if the flower box and the personal grow box can be used with soil? or is it mainly for hydroponics?

    Yes, both the Flower Box and the Personal Grow Box can be used for all mediums. We have two different feed schedules under our "downloads" section on our website. One is for soil/coco/soiless mediums and there is also a hydroponics feed schedule.