Personal Grow Box

Brand: Future Harvest

Product Code: 0400035

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$94.99 94.99

Kit Includes:

Liquid Ton-O-Bud 500mL
Prop-O-Gator 500mL
Liquid Bud Start 500mL
Liquid Bud Boom 500mL
Calnesium 500mL
Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 500mL
Super B+ Extra Strength 500mL
Holland Secret Grow 500ml
Holland Secret Micro 500ml
Holland Secret Bloom 500ml x2
Liquid Carbo Blast 500mL


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  • 4L bottles in this set available to buy online im tired of paying over 120% in price to get it locally and would rather come straight to source the order will be every 6 to 12 weeks on a permanent basis shipped to Virginia in the states where you are based.

    If you wish to purchase the personal grow box in 4L bottles, you will have to purchase each bottle separately. The personal grow box is meant to be a kit for customers with a smaller grow or someone that wishes to test all our products at a discounted price. We do offer free shipping on orders over $100 CAD and we also have a rewards program to save more on your orders.