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Holland Secret Personal Grow Box (8 x 1L)

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Future Harvest Personal Grow Box: The Best Gift for Weed Growers

Experience the magic of advanced plant nourishment with the Future Harvest Personal Grow Box! This comprehensive kit offers an array of our top-tier liquid products at an exclusive discounted rate, making it the ideal choice for both novice and seasoned weed growers. With free shipping included, it's not just a grow box, but a gift of premium cultivation essentials.

What's Inside the Personal Grow Box:

  • Holland Secret Micro (1L / 1 Quart): The foundational nutrient solution for thriving plants.
  • Holland Secret Grow (1L / 1 Quart): Ensures vigorous growth and lush greenery.
  • Holland Secret Bloom (2 x 1L / 1 Quart): For those vibrant and rich blooms every grower desires.
  • Calnesium (1L / 1 Quart): Boosts calcium and magnesium levels, essential for robust plant health.
  • Super B+ (1L / 1 Quart): A vitamin-rich formula to enhance overall plant vitality.
  • Royal Gold (1L / 1 Quart): Ensures optimal nutrient uptake for better yields.
  • Prop-O-Gator (1L / 1 Quart): The ultimate root stimulator and fertilizing agent for cuttings and clones.


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