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Organical Magic - Product Information

Organical Magic is a water-soluble Calcium Magnesium enhancer derived from naturally occurring minerals. It's designed to be immediately available to your crop, making it superior to other organic sources which can require time to become available.

By using Organical Magic, you can strengthen plant cells and tissues, increase flower and fruit sets, and boost chlorophyll production. This OMRI listed product is suitable for organic growing yet has the power of a synthetic fertilizer.

Jason on Nov 14, 2020

Works Good

I am growing in super soil and i wanted to get some organic additives. I was having a hard time finding god quality nutrients that were organic but then i found future harvest so I got the royal black and their organic cal-mag. Im impressed with the results and happy they're certified so my grow can still be considered organic.

Directions for Use

Ensure maximum benefit from Organical Magic with these usage instructions:

  • 💧 Dilution Rate: Use 1 ml per liter or 1 cc per quart of nutrient solution throughout the plant's lifecycle.
  • 💧 Compatibility: Can be used with most quality brand nutrients.
  • 💧 Discontinue: using on the last week of flowering.

Growth Stage:

Use during all stages: rooting, transplanting, vegetative, and flowering.

For Use In:

Soil, Coco, Hydroponics


Use for pretreatment and can be applied to every feeding.

Key Features

  • ✔️ Strengthens plant cells and tissues for increased resistance to stress.
  • ✔️ Increases flower and fruit sets.
  • ✔️ Increases Chlorophyll production.
  • ✔️ 100% soluble for rapid treatment of Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies.
  • ✔️ An OMRI listed product for use in organic growing with the power of a synthetic fertilizer.

Minimum Guaranteed Analysis







Derived from: Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride.


Compliance and Certifications

For those interested in the regulatory compliance and detailed composition of our product, we transparently provide all pertinent information. To verify our adherence to the rigorous standards set by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, please visit our certification page.

Furthermore, detailed information regarding the contents and levels of metals in Future Harvest products can be reviewed at the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) website.

Canadian customers can access our product’s compliance details with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's regulations at their fertilizer database.

Organical Magic is proudly OMRI listed. Visit the OMRI listing to learn more about our dedication to sustainable and organic agriculture.

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