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Understanding the pH of your nutrient solution is fundamental for optimal plant growth. A balanced pH ensures your plants can absorb essential ions efficiently, leading to vibrant and robust growth. Ensure your solution remains within the perfect range of 5.8 to 6.2 with Future Harvest's pH Up and pH Down.

Why pH Matters: The pH of your solution greatly affects the uptake of essential nutrient ions. Maintaining the correct pH range ensures your plants get all they need for healthy growth. Venture outside this range, and you risk nutrient lockout.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Buffering with pH Up: Contains Potassium Bicarbonate, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.
  • Rapid pH Alteration: Potassium Hydroxide in pH Up offers quick pH level increases even in minimal doses.
  • Maintain Osmotic Balance: The extra potassium ensures proper osmotic balance in the plant.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for all growing media and methods. Complements all industry-leading feed schedules.
  • High Concentration: Active ingredient levels match leading competitor brands for maximum efficacy.


  • pH Up: Potassium Hydroxide (20%), Potassium Bicarbonate (11%)
  • pH Down: Phosphoric Acid (37.5-40%)


  1. Check your nutrient solution's pH with a reliable meter.
  2. Gradually add either pH Up or pH Down, mixing thoroughly.
  3. Recheck the pH and adjust until you achieve the desired levels.

Safety Precautions: CAUTION: Store out of children's reach. Both pH Up and pH Down are highly corrosive. Avoid ingestion and contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Always wear protective gloves and safety glasses during use.

Regulatory Compliance: Our products meet Transport Canada's regulations, including UN-rated packaging. They also comply with Health Canada's labeling requirements, featuring child-resistant caps for added safety. At Future Harvest, we believe in transparency and disclose all product ingredients.

Note: This product is available only within Canada and cannot be shipped to PO Box addresses.

Ensure the perfect pH balance for your plants and see them flourish. Trust Future Harvest for superior pH solutions and give your plants the best chance for growth.