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Prop-O-Gator is a plant food for roots. It is an all in one root stimulator and fertilizing agent which means it is a stand alone product for your cuttings and clones. Vigorous root growth is of vital importance in the beginning stages of plant growth in order to prepare the plant for transplanting or planting out. Prop-O-Gator is the perfect product to make this happen.  It stimulates rooting while feeding the plant at the same time and whats more, it is beneficial to continue using Prop-O-Gator on the plants until you are ready to start a fertilizing program.  

Key Features: 

  • Prop-O-Gator is an all in one root stimulator and fertilizer (most root simulators on the market require a fertilizer). 
  • can be used in all situations and on all grow media, ideal for pretreating pots before transplanting. 
  • it is low in nitrogen to help keep plants short and compact until transplanting and the commencement of a feeding schedule. It is extremely easy to use and delivers consistently great results time after time. 

Product Comparison:

  1. General Hydroponics: Rapid Start, Bio Root
  2. Botanicare: Power Clone, Rhizo Blast



Aeroponic Cloning:
Apply to reservoir at a rate of 5.0mL per Litre

Foliar Spray:
For Pre-rooted or post rooted cuttings. Mix at 2.0mL per Litre

Established Roots:
Use until feeding schedule starts. Mix at 5.0mL per Litre

Soak cubes or pots before roots are established. Mix 5.0mL per Litre


CUTTINGS 5ml/4L 5ml/4L
VEGETATIVE w1 5ml/4L 7ml/4L
w2 5ml/4L 7ml/4L
w3 7ml/4L 10ml/4L
w4 7ml/4L 10ml/4L
FLOWERING w1 10ml/4L 14ml/4L
w2 7ml/4L 10ml/4L
w3 5ml/4L 7ml/4L
w4 5ml/4L 7ml/4L
w5 - -
w6 - -
w7 - -
w8 - -


*Extreme feeding schedules are designed for advanced gardeners only, and are designed to be used in conjunction with our full product line.




Ask a Question
  • As nutrient and water are absorbed does reservoir get topped up with full strength solution or is it modified due to salinity levels?

    If you keep topping up with full strength solution, eventually your reservoir will reach dangerous levels in nutrients. A popular method would be to wait until the reservoir reaches 50%, then top off with either pH balanced water or a very light nutrient solution, wait until the reservoir reaches near the bottom (top of the mixing pump) then dump it out and make a fresh batch at full strength.