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Plants produce the sugars they rely upon for food by a process called photosynthesis. They utilize light, water, carbon dioxide and fertilizer to produce sugars which are used for energy. 

These carbohydrates are, alongside oxygen, one of the end products of photosynthesis. Carbo Blast is an additive which supplies extra carbohydrates to plants.  Feeding additional carbohydrates to the plant means that it does not have to rely so heavily on its own resources and can more easily direct energy to the manufacture of essential oils, resins and fragrances.

Plants can outgrow their energy sources, which causes growth to slow down, sometimes bringing it to a complete standstill.  Carbo Blast is designed as an energy boost during flowering to load up plants with carbs to stop them from stalling. 

Carbohydrates can also help to speed up the plant's metabolism and therefore have a positive effect on yields.

Key Carbo Blast Features:

  • The carbohydrates contained in Carbo Blast are identical to the sugars a plant produces. 
  • Carbo Blast delivers instantaneous results giving plants the energy they need. 
  • Can be used with any feeding and additive schedule. 
  • The extra available energy source promotes increased oil and fragrance. 
  • Carbo Blast delivers better results than just using fertilizer and weight gain boosters alone. 
  • The additional carbohydrates in Carbo Blast can deliver enough energy to support larger and fuller fruit and flower production. 

Product Comparison

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  2. Advanced: Bud Candy Grape, Sweet Berry
  3. Botanicare: Sweet Raw, Sweet




Use 8mL per 4L from your second week of flower to your final flushing stage


 Carbo Blast 0-1-0 BASIC EXTREME*
w2 - -
w3 - -
w4 - -
FLOWERING w1 1ml/4L 8ml/4L
w2 1ml/4L 8ml/4L
w3 1ml/4L 8ml/4L
w4 1ml/4L 8ml/4L
w5 2ml/4L 8ml/4L
w6 2ml/4L 8ml/4L
w7 2ml/4L 8ml/4L
w8 2ml/4L 8ml/4L


*Extreme feeding schedules are designed for advanced gardeners only, and are designed to be used in conjunction with our full product line.



Ask a Question
  • 👋 Hello there, Would this work on mother plants. They had a nutrient lockout and are very slowly coming around. I used Extra Strength Super B+ every 3rd watering because I had to flush them for a while. I swear this is what help them to where I can start bringing them back.

    The only benefit that Carbo Blast would have to a plant in the vegetative stage is to feed the beneficial bacteria in the medium (if there is any). It's a minor benefit. The plant would benefit much more from Super B+ if the plant is in a stressful state. You could even use Super B+ every watering. Please contact us for more information.

  • Why is the feeding schedule shown here so different than what's found on the bottles? the bottles say to use 2ml/liter yet your advertising much different. I see this in a lot of your food line. Can someone please get back to me?

    The feed schedule you see on the bottles is more for the beginner grower. The feed schedule you see on our website is the most up to date one. We at Future Harvest work together with our licensed producers to tweak our feed schedule to produce the best results.