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Liquid Carbo Blast - Product Information

Liquid Carbo Blast offers a seamless way to enhance your plants' energy levels during the critical flowering stages. This carbohydrate-rich additive supplies your plants with the sugars needed for energy, reducing the dependency on their own reserves and promoting the production of essential oils, resins, and fragrances.

Ideal for ensuring your plants don't outgrow their energy supply, Carbo Blast acts as an essential energy boost, enabling plants to maintain vigorous growth and metabolism, leading to improved yields and enhanced flavour profiles.

If you prefer using powders, check out our Powdered Carbo Blast!

Dank Man on May 09, 2022

make dem buds frostyyyyyyy

works like wonderssss bro check out my nugs @darcygrowsbig great shipping fast will buy again

Directions for Use

Ensure a flourishing finish with Bud Boom by adhering to these application instructions:

  • 💧 Dilute: Use 2 ml per litre or 2 cc per quart of your nutrient solution.
  • 💧 Frequency: Apply at every feeding from flowering through to the final flushing stage.

Growth Stage:

Flowering through to the final flushing stage.

For Use In:

Soil, Coco, Hydroponics

Key Features

  • ✔️ Instant energy boost with carbohydrates identical to those plants naturally produce.
  • ✔️ Supports larger and fuller fruit and flower production, enhancing the harvest.
  • ✔️ Promotes increased oil and fragrance production thanks to the additional energy.
  • ✔️ 100% soluble, fitting seamlessly into any feeding and additive schedule.

Minimum Guaranteed Analysis







Derived from: Monoammonium Phosphate.


Compliance and Certifications

For those interested in the regulatory compliance and detailed composition of our product, we transparently provide all pertinent information. To verify our adherence to the rigorous standards set by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, please visit our certification page.

Furthermore, detailed information regarding the contents and levels of metals in Future Harvest products can be reviewed at the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) website.

Canadian customers can access our product’s compliance details with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's regulations at their fertilizer database.

Future Harvest Nutrient Calculator

By entering your specific grow details, our Nutrient Calculator will outline the total amounts of Future Harvest products needed to take your plants from seeding to harvest, ensuring you're fully prepared for every stage of growth.