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Calnesium 2-0-0 is a nutrient additive that will boost both Calcium and Magnesium availability to your plants when added to your feed program.

It is a powerful blend of Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium that is specifically designed to provide an additional nutrient boost to our Future Harvest Holland Secret 3 part hydroponic fertilizer for crops that demand it, and it is an excellent additive to prevent end rot on tomatoes and peppers.

Calnesium is 100% compatible with all high quality nutrients, and it mixes quickly and easily. Calcium, Magnesium and Iron are incredibly important to photosynthesis (making energy from light) and maintaining the structure of the plant. Calnesium works as part of your feed program and as a foliar spray. This product tastes horrible but plants love it!

Key Features: 

  • Designed to be used with Holland Secret Grow and Micro
  • Inhibits blossom end rot by providing additional Calcium and increasing nutrient uptake. 
  • Strengthens plant cells and tissues for increased resistance to stress
  • Increases cell division and plant tissue development. 
  • Increases flower and fruit sets. 
  • Increases water, nutrient and carbon dioxide uptake. 

Product Comparison:

  1. General Hydroponics - Cal Magic 
  2. Advanced Nutrients - Revive, Sensi Blooma Connoisseur


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w6 8ml/4L 5ml/4L
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w8 8ml/4L 5ml/4L


*Extreme feeding schedules are designed for advanced gardeners only, and are designed to be used in conjunction with our full product line.





Ask a Question
  • The label says " WARNING: Never combine the nutrients full strength. This can cause lock up. What does that mean? Do I lower my nutrient strength to 1/2 and use calnesium full strength?, or dont use calnesium at full strength? This is very confusing, I bought it on the recomendation of the shop keeper. I went there for calmag, he said this was better.

    Hello! What we mean by not mixing the nutrients full strength, you should always have a resivour with water to mix the nutrients. You don't want to mix the nutrients and addivties together in a small cup(without water) then pour it into the resivour.

    If you are confused on our feeding dosages please look to our nutrient calculator on our website.

    Going 1/4 strength is great for foliar spraying only or bare miminum feeding.
    Every feed/dosage should follow our calculator for best results.
    This is the same for calnesium 

    If you have anymore questions please feel free to message me on here or give us a call at 
    1 250 491 0255

    Thanks happy growing