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Dosaline Hypo - Hypochlorous Acid H0CL

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Dosaline's Hypochlorous Acid Formula

Dosaline Hypo, powered by our signature Hypochlorous Acid Formula, revolutionizes hydroponic systems. The unique properties of our Hypochlorous Acid Formula ensure clean irrigation lines and emitters, free from excess salts. With Dosaline Hypo, maximize plant nutrition, prolong equipment lifespan, and prioritize safety.

Our user-friendly formula allows effortless application – simply add the Hypochlorous Acid directly to your hydroponic system. Experience the power of Dosaline Hypo and unlock your hydroponic system's full potential today.



Hypochlorous Acid Available Sizes
Key Features:
    • Clean lines will ensure that all plants in the system are getting the proper dosages of nutrient solution.  This also prolongs the lifespan of growing equipment.
    • Extremely safe for plants, humans and pets.
    • Minimal effect on pH and TDS.
    • Easy to use: Hypochlorous acid can be added directly to the hydroponic system, and doesn’t require any special equipment or complicated procedures.
    • Environmentally friendly: Hypochlorous acid is an environmentally friendly product that can help to reduce the need for harsh chemicals in hydroponic systems.

    For more information, visit www.dosaline.com