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The full benefits of Royal Gold are too numerous to list, but simply put, this interesting plant additive increases nutrient uptake in plants. Royal Gold changes fertilizer salts on a molecular level and makes them more bioavailable to the plant, a kind of digestion aid. 

Amongst Royal Gold's many other benefits are: the elimination of waste from the plant, almost like a detox, making the produce taste better; it helps in drought or under watering situations and increases resilience to stressful temperature fluctuations, both of which are common problems with indoor crops.

Research suggests that under watered plants recover quicker with applied Royal Gold because of increased enzyme and antioxidant activity, and the plants also copes with a lack of water better.

It also became evident that the growth and quality of normally well watered plants improves when Royal Gold is used all the way through the plants cycle.

Key Features:

  • Royal Gold increases nutrient uptake meaning growers retain optimal levels of expensive P-K additives with better results.
  • Excellent value because of low dilution rate, only 2ml per litre.
  • Can be used on all crops and in any medium, system or situation.
  • Use as a nutrient add-on or as a foliar application for instant results.

Product Comparison:

  1. General Hydroponics: Diamond Nectar
  2. Advanced: Grandma Enggy's F-1
  3. Botanicare: Fulvex



Use 8mL per 4L as an addition to your nutrient solution.

Foliar Spray:
8mL per 4L


VEGETATIVE w1 8ml/4L 8ml/4L
w2 8ml/4L 9ml/4L
w3 8ml/4L 9ml/4L
w4 8ml/4L 9ml/4L
FLOWERING w1 8ml/4L 11ml/4L
w2 8ml/4L 11ml/4L
w3 8ml/4L 11ml/4L
w4 8ml/4L 11ml/4L
w5 8ml/4L 11ml/4L
w6 8ml/4L 11ml/4L
w7 8ml/4L 11ml/4L
w8 8ml/4L 11ml/4L


*Extreme feeding schedules are designed for advanced gardeners only, and are designed to be used in conjunction with our full product line.




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  • Hey thanks for answering. I was wondering could I do 2 tsp or 8 ml foliar feed with my normal 1/2 tsp B12 or would I recommend going on the lighter side and 4 ml. I want to go on the big side I'm running CO2 and 1300 ppm with feed flush and they look perfect. All your nutrients. Also I oh to 8.0 for foliar to automatically kill and mold or powdery mildew and use ozone water post foliar feed as well as organic pesticides. I really like your products I'm reaping the rewards of using them right now and In growing colas the size of my arm.

    That dosage shouldn’t be too heavy, but to be sure just try it on one plant and see what it does while you give the rest the recommended feeding. If after 2 or 3 days everything is okay with that single plant go ahead and switch them all over.

    Always remember that too much of a good thing can be harmful and we always recommend to our customers to be a little on the cautious side, especially when everything is going so good.

    Thanks for the questions

  • Hey when foliar feeding B12 should I add this to the mixture or spray it separately? I figured since it's supposed to help uptake nutrients it might also work through the stomata? Follow up what dose do you use for foliar feeding with royal gold?

    Hello Ryan. Great question.
    They are fine added together, use Royal Gold at 2 ml per liter. 
    Be sure to check the pH of the solution as RG is a bit on the acidic side.

    If you have any other questions please let us know,

  • Hello! Is the Royal Gold product supposed to be used the entire time of the plants life? If so would you use it with Micro and Grow as well? or more towards the end of the flowering cycle? Thank you!

    Royal Gold is fulvic acid which helps the uptake of nutrients to your plant. You may add it to your nutrient solution throughout the whole lifecycle. Please refer to our feed schedule under our downloads section for more information on application rates.