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Bud Boom is a floral hardener and a finisher, designed to ripen fruits and bring out the tastes and smells locked deep down in the genetics of your plants.

The key performance benefits are weight gain, increased flower density and enhanced flavour in fruiting crops.

Bud Boom is a P-K additive containing sulfur and magnesium; both of which are elements that help to ripen plants off.

It will show visible results quickly, with the main benefits being an increased yield and enhanced flavour. It’s a final boost for your crops at the end of the cycle.

Key Features:

  • Assists in pH control.
  • Enhances flavour in fruiting crops. It is super concentrated. Delivers visible results and happy harvests consistently.
  • Can be used with any branded fertilizer schedule and even on top of most additive schedule.
  • It will ripen crops uniformly due to increased magnesium and sulfur levels during final stages.

Product Comparison:

  1. General Hydroponics: Kool Bloom, Bio Bud
  2. Advanced: Big Bud, Over Drive
  3. Botanicare: Hydroplex


Also Available as a Powder

Replaces our previous "The Heavies" product



6 Week Crops:

Use 8mL per 4L in the last 2 weeks

8 Week Crops

Use 8mL per 4L in the last 3 weeks


w2 - -
w3 - -
w4 - -
w2 - -
w3 - -
w4 - -
w5 - -
w6 2ml/4L 8ml/4L
w7 2ml/4L 8ml/4L
w8 2ml/4L 8ml/4L


*Extreme feeding schedules are designed for advanced gardeners only, and are designed to be used in conjunction with our full product line.




Ask a Question
  • Would it be harmful to add through the whole flowering cycle?

    Hello, thanks for the question.
    I would advise not to use Bud Boom till you are at the week 4 of flowering at least. 
    Feeding your plant Bud Boom prior to that may result in some issues.
    If you have anymore questions please let me know

  • The bottle I have sais "use during flushing stage" is that a typo?

    Yes that is an typo. Our newer Bud Boom labels has been corrected. Sorry for the confusion. You should discontinue the use of Bud Boom when you start to flush with water in the last 1-2 weeks. 

  • should bud boom be used in conjunction with the bloom nutrient and at the end of the bloom cycle or during the flush period. As you are aware different strains have different bloom cycles.. All my plants are feminized and Autoflowering

    Bud Boom should be used in conjunction with Holland Secret Bloom. We have incorporated both EC values in our feed schedule. First you will have to know how long your bloom cycle is for the strain you are growing. The last two weeks should be reserved for a flush with just water or a flushing agent like our Plant Flush product. Bud Boom should be used in the 2-3 weeks before this flush period. Please take a look at our feed schedule on our website for more information.