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BC Bags

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The Original Smell Proof Bags

Discover the original and unbeatable smell-proof bags, your go-to solution for preserving freshness and locking in odors. At BC BAGS, we take pride in our bags that are often imitated but never duplicated. Whether you're storing coffee, herbs, nuts, or much more, our bags are designed to meet all your storage needs.


Available in Large and Small Sizes

Choose from our two convenient sizes to fit your unique requirements:

  • Large: 26cm x 29.8cm - Ideal for storing items that are half a pound or more. It can also hold liquids up to approximately 1 gallon.
  • Small: 15.8cm x 17.7cm - Perfect for personal use or smaller items, holding more than a third of a gallon.

Both sizes offer high-quality features and durability, synonymous with BC BAGS, ensuring your contents stay fresh and protected. Whether you're storing food, organizing belongings, or keeping aromatic items discreet, Future Harvest has the perfect size for you.

Smell Proof Bags Available Sizes of BC Bags

Key Features:

Unparalleled Smell-Proof Design

BC BAGS are perfect for discreetly storing items with strong odors, including weed, herbs, and other aromatic items. Experience the difference with BC BAGS, the ultimate smell-proof weed bags.


Ideal Freezer Bags

Our air-tight seal not only locks in odors but also protects against freezer burn. These bags are perfect for meal prep, storing leftovers, or freezing perishable items, making them your go-to solution for maintaining the quality and taste of your food.


Resealable Storage Bags for Freshness

Our extra strength triple-seal zipper is designed to provide an unbeatable air-tight and odor-proof seal. With BC BAGS, your contents will stay fresh and protected for extended periods.


Durable and Puncture Resistant

Made from high-quality materials, BC BAGS are puncture-resistant, ensuring that your contents stay safe and protected, even when storing sharp objects or heavy items.


Clear Bag with Printable Label for Easy Organization

The clear bag design allows you to easily identify the contents, and the printable label provides an extra layer of organization. Whether you're meal prepping, organizing your belongings, or storing items for future use, BC BAGS help you stay organized and efficient.

Reusable for Eco-Friendly Convenience

Designed with the environment in mind, our reusable bags help reduce waste, save you money, and minimize your environmental footprint. Enjoy the convenience of high-quality storage solutions while contributing to a greener planet.


Reusable Bags BC Bags Poster

Unzip the Possibilities with Future Harvest's BC Bags

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust BC BAGS for all their storage needs. Our bags are often imitated but never duplicated. Experience the difference for yourself and discover why BC BAGS are the ultimate storage solution.

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