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Future Harvest Personal Flower Box (4 x 1L)

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Personal Flower Box: Unlock the Full Potential of Flowering

Elevate your blooming stage with the Personal Flower Box! This hand-picked collection of liquid additives is meticulously designed to supercharge the flowering phase, ensuring you achieve lush, vibrant, and abundant blossoms. It's the ultimate flowering companion for every passionate grower!

Discover What's Inside the Personal Flower Box:

  • Liquid Carbo Blast (1L / 1 Quart): A powerful carbohydrate booster that enriches your plants with essential sugars, enhancing their energy and vitality.

  • Liquid Ton-O-Bud (1L / 1 Quart): Packed with concentrated P-K nutrients, it ensures your flowers bulk up, reflecting both quality and quantity.

  • Liquid Bud Boom (1L / 1 Quart): A floral hardener that ensures your blooms ripen perfectly, unlocking the deep fragrances and tastes inherent in your plants.

  • Liquid Bud Start (1L / 1 Quart): Kickstarts the blooming cycle, priming your plants for an explosive flowering phase.

Whether you're a beginner stepping into the world of cultivation or a seasoned grower looking to optimize yields, the Personal Flower Box offers the perfect assortment of nutrients tailored for the flowering stage. Gift it to a fellow grower or treat your plants to this bloom-enhancing collection. Dive into a world of vibrant flowers and bountiful harvests today!