Bloom Boosters, also known as PK boosts, are nutrient supplements specifically designed to provide high levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to plants during the flowering stage. They play a crucial role in the overall growth and development of plants, particularly during the flowering phase, promoting larger and more abundant blooms, fruits, or seeds.

Bloom Boosters offered at Future Harvest

Bud Start: Designed for early flowering when crops receive less than 12 hours of daylight in a 24-hour span. It helps to ease elevated levels of potassium and phosphorus into your nutrient regimen at this stage, preventing nutrient burn.

Ton-O-Bud: Provides crops with a significant PK boost, putting flowering production into overdrive. This is evidenced by a dramatic increase in bud size and weight, making it one of the top-selling Bloom Boosters on the market.

Bud Boom: Tailored as a slight taper from the PK content of Ton-O-Bud because plants require less phosphorus and potassium later in flowering. Bud Boom also contains magnesium and sulfur, known ripening agents for dense, rock-hard buds that growers desire at harvest time.

Carbo Blast: Enhances the aroma and potency of your buds. This terpene enhancer ensures frosty white buds and richer fragrances, making it an essential addition to the Bloom Booster lineup.

The Many Mechanisms of Bloom Boosters

Flower and Fruit Formation

Phosphorus is essential for energy transfer within the plant, aiding in the formation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule that stores and transfers energy from the sun. During flowering, plants require high levels of energy for the development of flowers and fruits. Adequate phosphorus levels supplied by Bud Start, Ton-O-Bud, and Bud Boom support this energy-intensive process, leading to enhanced flower and fruit formation.

Root Development

Potassium plays a vital role in many physiological processes within the plant, including osmoregulation and enzyme activation. During the flowering stage, strong root development is crucial to support the increased nutrient uptake required for flower and fruit formation. Potassium helps to improve the plant's water uptake efficiency and overall root health, enabling it to better absorb nutrients from the soil.

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

Phosphorus and potassium are involved in nutrient uptake and transportation within the plant. Phosphorus plays a significant role in the uptake of other essential nutrients, such as nitrogen and potassium, while potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata, tiny pores on the plant's leaves responsible for gas exchange and nutrient absorption. With the aid of PK boosts, plants can better absorb and utilize other essential nutrients, leading to improved overall growth and yields.

Flowering Hormone Production

Phosphorus helps in the production of flowering hormones, such as auxins, which regulate flower development and flowering time. Adequate phosphorus levels supplied through PK boosts can trigger the production of these hormones, promoting a more robust flowering process and, ultimately, higher yields.

Stress Tolerance

Potassium also enhances the plant's resistance to various stresses, such as drought, heat, and diseases. During the flowering phase, when plants are more vulnerable to environmental fluctuations, supplying potassium through PK boosts can help the plant cope with stress more effectively, ensuring better flowering and higher yields.

While Bud Start, Ton-O-Bud, Bud Boom, and Carbo Blast are highly beneficial during the flowering phase, they should be used in accordance with Future Harvestā€™s feeding charts, given the specific needs of the plant species being cultivated. Proper dosage and application of fertilizers are essential to avoid nutrient imbalances or potential damage to the plants.



Future Harvestā€™s Holland Secret 3-Part base nutrients do contain and supply plants with enough potassium and phosphorus to prevent deficiency when used on their own. Bud Start, Ton-O-Bud, Bud Boom, and Carbo Blast provide a popular means of additional supplementation to push high-value crops to their peak flowering potential.