What is Cal-Mag and Why is it Essential for Cannabis Plants?

'Cal-Mag', often referred to as cal mag for plants, is a term growers use to describe fertilizers that provide plants with additional calcium and magnesium. These two elements are secondary macronutrients, meaning that especially in cannabis cal mag deficiency can be detrimental as cannabis plants require them in larger quantities compared to micronutrients. In the realm of cannabis cultivation, understanding what is cal mag and its importance can be the key to ensuring your plants thrive.

The Importance of Cal-Mag in Cannabis Cultivation

When diving into the world of cannabis cal mag deficiency, it becomes evident that supplements like Calnesium or Organical Magic, become indispensable. Without these, your cannabis plant is at risk of magnesium deficiency or calcium deficiencies.

Consider this: Beyond the primary macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), what cal mag is used for becomes clear as calcium and magnesium rank high in importance for cannabis health. A plant with adequate cal-mag not only yields more but also produces superior quality buds.

In their natural habitats, plants source calcium and magnesium from the soil and water. This brings up the question, when to use cal mag in soil? Those cultivating cannabis in soil might not always need Cal-Mag. However, some proactive growers use products like Calnesium and Organical Magic as preventive measures against potential deficiencies.

For hydroponic enthusiasts, they rely solely on nutrient-infused water. The quality of tap water can be inconsistent, with soft water often lacking essential minerals, leading to the need for cal mag for plants supplementation. If you're using reverse osmosis water, integrating cal-mag becomes crucial since RO water is devoid of any nutritional value for plants.

Cal-Mag Benefits for Cannabis: Boosting Growth and Yield

Diving deeper into cal mag benefits, it's evident that Calcium and Magnesium are pivotal for your cannabis plants. They amplify flower production, enhance water, nutrient, and carbon dioxide uptake, and stimulate cell division, tissue development, and chlorophyll production.

Products like Calnesium or Organical Magic can be used throughout the plant's life cycle. They're versatile, suitable for use as a cal mag foliar spray, and can be part of every feeding routine. 

Whether you're growing in soil, coco, hydroponics, or aeroponics, both Organical Magic and Calnesium can be seamlessly integrated into your cultivation routine.


Determining the Right Amount of Cal-Mag for Plants

The question of how much cal-mag your cannabis plant needs depends on various factors: the strain, water type, water PPM, growing medium, and more. For instance, plants grown in coco with nutrient-rich tap water might need minimal Cal-Mag. However, the requirements can fluctuate, making it essential to adjust based on your plant's unique needs. Typically, a dosage of 1.5-5mL per gallon of water is the norm. It's worth noting that coco growers often have a higher demand for cal-mag than soil cultivators. All of these considerations and more are answered within our new and improved Nutrient Calculator.

If you have ever wondered, when to use cal mag in soil, Follow this link to use our interactive cal mag feed chart

The Role of Calcium in Cannabis Cultivation

Calcium's role in cannabis cal mag deficiency becomes evident when understanding its significance in reinforcing plant structures. Just as humans rely on calcium for bone health, plants depend on it to fortify their cell walls. These robust cell walls are not only pivotal for structural integrity but also play a role in nutrient transport. Furthermore, calcium is a key player in cell division, a process at the heart of plant growth.

Recognizing Calcium Deficiency in Cannabis

One of the common issues growers face is cal mag deficiency in weed. Calcium deficiencies often manifest on leaves that are either new or still growing.

Cal mag Deficiency Weed Foliar Spray Recipe: Calnesium and Super B+

Calcium deficiencies will appear on leaves that are either new or still growing. Dark spots on new or growing leaves. Older leaves may die, and new leaves will be stunted or distorted. Leaf tips may curl, and brown spots will develop.

Signs of Calcium Deficiency in Cannabis

  • Dark spots on new or growing leaves, a sign often associated with fan leaves turning yellow with brown spots.
  • New leaves appear stunted or distorted.
  • Older leaves may wither and die.
  • Leaf tips might curl, further showing brown spots.

Magnesium: The Backbone of Photosynthesis in Cannabis

Magnesium is the linchpin for chlorophyll, the green pigment vital for photosynthesis. This process, where plants convert light energy into food, hinges on chlorophyll. Without magnesium, chlorophyll formation and, by extension, photosynthesis would be hampered. Furthermore, magnesium stabilizes the chlorophyll molecule, ensuring efficient photosynthesis. It also aids in the absorption and transport of other nutrients like phosphorus and iron, preventing magnesium deficiency in cannabis.

Future Harvest Organical Magic and Calnesium lay atop a pile of strengthened and stress relieved cannabis buds

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency in Weed

  • Yellowing of lower leaves, which can progress to a darker green hue.
  • Younger leaves begin to show symptoms as the deficiency worsens.
  • Leaves curl upwards, a symptom often described as fan leaves curling up edges, and may eventually fall off.

Both calcium and magnesium play secondary yet crucial roles in activating enzymes that influence the quality and potency of dried cannabis.

Addressing Cal-Mag Deficiencies: A Crucial Step

Warning: Ignoring calcium or magnesium deficiencies can have dire consequences, leading to the loss of most lower leaves. While cannabis-specific nutrients can prevent these deficiencies, an imbalanced pH can still trigger them. It's crucial to maintain the right pH in the root zone, as an off-balance pH can hinder magnesium absorption, leading to magnesium deficiency in weed.

Did You Know? Farmers often use dolomitic lime on soil to regulate pH. This not only adjusts the pH but also supplements the soil with both calcium and magnesium.

Cannabis grower using Future Harvest Calnesium to spray a plant.


Using Cal-Mag as a Foliar Spray for Cannabis Plants

Yellowing in cannabis plants often signals deficiencies, predominantly in nitrogen, magnesium, or iron. Calnesium, a potent Cal-Mag supplement, encompasses all three elements. Administering Calnesium as a cal mag foliar spray can swiftly address these deficiencies, ensuring your plants receive these vital nutrients while any root zone issues are rectified.

'Green Up' Foliar Spray Recipe for Cannabis

  • 2 ml of Calnesium (You can opt for Organical Magic as a substitute, but this would mean forgoing the nitrogen boost)
  • 1 ml of Super B+

Boost Your Cannabis Growth: Secure your supply of Organical Magic or Calnesium today and witness the transformative effects on your cannabis plants.

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