Upcoming Cannabis Events, Expos, and Conventions

The cannabis industry is ever-evolving, and 2024 is set to host an array of pivotal events, expos, and conventions worldwide. This section highlights the most anticipated gatherings where professionals can explore innovations, engage with experts, and foster business growth. From cutting-edge expos to insightful conferences, each event offers a unique opportunity to immerse in the latest trends, technologies, and networking opportunities that shape the future of cannabis.

Imperious Cannabis Business Expo

  • Phoenix, AZ: February 23-24

The Imperious Cannabis Business Expo in Phoenix brings together leading figures in the cannabis industry for two days of intensive networking and learning. Attendees will explore innovations, regulatory updates, and strategic approaches to business growth in the cannabis sector.


  • Austin, TX: March 8-16

SXSW stands at the crossroads of technology, music, film, and cannabis, offering a unique blend of educational and networking opportunities. The event's cannabis track dives into policy, innovation, and the future of the industry amidst a festival celebrating creative expression.

Hall of Flowers

  • Ventura, CA: March 13-14
  • Santa Rosa, CA: September 27 - 28

Hall of Flowers is a premier cannabis trade show focusing on brand exposure and retailer connections. Set in Ventura, this event showcases the latest in cannabis products and services, fostering B2B relationships and industry growth.


  • Barcelona, ES: March 15-17

Spannabis, Europe's top cannabis event, brings the global cannabis community to Barcelona. Attendees will experience the latest in cannabis innovations, activism, and culture, alongside networking opportunities with international leaders in the cannabis space.

ICBC B2B Trade Show

The ICBC B2B Trade Show, taking place in Barcelona and Berlin, is a major international cannabis event focusing on business-to-business connections. It serves as a platform for networking and industry insight, particularly relevant for the European cannabis market. The event combines educational content with extensive networking opportunities.

  • Barcelona, Spain: March 14.
  • Berlin, Germany: April 16-17.

Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, held in Hollywood Beach, FL, is a key event for cannabis investing insights. The conference attracts big names in the business for dealmaking and networking, focusing on updates from publicly traded marijuana firms and market insiders. It's a hub for rapid-fire business interactions and industry connections.

  • Hollywood Beach, FL: April 16-17.

National Cannabis Festival

The National Cannabis Festival in Washington, D.C. is a celebrated event combining music, art, and advocacy. Founded to honor the legalization of adult-use weed in D.C., it has grown into a premier festival, featuring notable headliners and a rich cannabis culture experience.

  • Washington, D.C.: April 19-20.

Cannabis Science Conference

The Cannabis Science Conference, occurring in Kansas City, MO, is a deep dive into the scientific aspects of cannabis. Focusing on medical research, lab techniques, and horticultural science, it's a key event for those interested in the scientific and research-oriented side of cannabis.

  • Kansas City, MO: May 7-9.


CannMed, held in Marco Island, FL, is a forefront event in medical cannabis. It features discussions on the latest research and therapeutic practices, making it essential for anyone interested in the medical applications of cannabis. The event is a blend of scientific knowledge and practical insights.

  • Marco Island, FL: May 12-15.

GrowUp Conference and Expo 2024

Grow Up Conference, Awards & Expo

Toronto, ON: May 27-29

The GrowUp Conference and Expo in Toronto is set to be a major event in Canada's cannabis industry. Scheduled for May 27-29, 2024, at the Delta Hotels Toronto Airport & Conference Centre, this event marks Grow Up’s exciting first venture into Toronto, a city central to Canada's cannabis landscape.

What to Expect at Grow Up Toronto 2024:

  • Industry Conference and Tradeshow: A dive into the latest cannabis trends, technologies, and opportunities.
  • Brands and Buyers Zone: A unique meeting ground for licensed producers and retail buyers.
  • Speed Networking: A dynamic environment for forging valuable industry relationships.
  • Sampling: An opportunity to experience a wide range of top-quality cannabis products.
  • Grow Up Awards: A celebration of excellence in the cannabis sector.
  • Consumption Lounge: A relaxed space for unwinding and networking.
  • Networking Parties: Unforgettable social events to mingle and connect.

Edmonton, AB: September 29 - October 1

The GrowUp Conference continues with its 10th expo in Edmonton at the Edmonton Convention Centre. This event brings together Canada's largest collection of growers, retailers, and brands, and is a must-attend for anyone in the cannabis industry.

What Sets Grow Up Apart:

Grow Up Conference and Expo stands out as a leader in the cannabis industry since 2017, dedicated to innovation and community. It connects attendees with growers, brand owners, and key decision-makers, fostering a strong learning and growth community among cultivation and retail professionals. The event's approach, focusing on networking and market access, makes it pivotal for the Canadian cannabis industry.

Meet Future Harvest Development!

Join us for an engaging experience at the Edmonton Grow Up convention this year! We'll have a Dosaline solubility mixing test, exciting prizes, and the opportunity to share expert knowledge. It's a perfect occasion for us to interact, answer your questions, and showcase what's new and exciting. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Lucky Leaf Expo

The Lucky Leaf Expo is a dynamic, high-quality B2B event in the cannabis industry, offering a mix of exhibitors, educational sessions, and networking opportunities. Known for its after-party and diverse range of speakers, it's an excellent platform for both seasoned professionals and newcomers.

  • Minneapolis, MN: April 26-27, Minneapolis Convention Center.
  • Albuquerque, NM: September 27-28, Albuquerque Convention Center

New York Cannabis & Hemp Convention

The New York Cannabis & Hemp Convention, hosted by NECANN, is a top event for cannabis networking and education in New York. NECANN has been a leader in cannabis conventions since 2014, focusing on local industry engagement and community development. The event typically features a wide range of exhibitors, speakers, and workshops.

  • Syracuse, NY: October 25-26, NYS Fairgrounds.

    The Flower Expo

    The Flower Expo is renowned for its business-focused approach, catering to East Coast and Midwest cannabis brands. It's a prime destination for connecting with buyers and press, offering an atmosphere conducive to networking and showcasing the latest cannabis products and trends. The expo's after-parties are notable for their vibrant engagement opportunities​.

    • Greenfield, MA: June 5-6.
    • Allegan, MI: August 7-8.

          Alternative Product Expo

          The Alternative Product Expo, held in Miami, FL, and Colombia, showcases the latest in cannabis and alternative health products. This expo is a hotspot for discovering new trends and networking with industry leaders, appealing to both entrepreneurs and consumers. It’s known for its diverse exhibitor lineup and educational sessions.

          • Miami, FL: March 14-16.
          • Colombia: May 18-19.
          • Houston, TX: June 20-22.
          • Atlanta, GA: October 10-12.

              Mary Jane Berlin

              Mary Jane Berlin is Germany's largest cannabis event, merging business and culture. As legalization talks progress in Germany, the event has expanded significantly, becoming an important stop for industry professionals and advocates. The event promises a large-scale exhibition and networking opportunities.

              • Berlin, Germany: June 14-16.

              Expo Cannabis Brasil

              São Paulo, Brazil: November 2024

              For the first time, Future Harvest will be attending the Expo Cannabis Brasil, set to take place in São Paulo in November 2024. As one of the most significant cannabis events in South America, the Expo Cannabis Brasil offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and business development in the burgeoning Latin American market.

              What to Expect at Expo Cannabis Brasil 2024:

              • Global Networking: Connect with international leaders and innovators in the cannabis space.
              • Educational Seminars: Gain insights from experts on cultivation, medical research, legal landscapes, and business strategies.
              • Product Showcases: Discover new and exciting products from around the world.
              • Cultural Exchange: Experience the vibrant culture of Brazil while engaging with the global cannabis community.

              We are thrilled to participate in this dynamic event and look forward to meeting professionals and enthusiasts from across the globe. Stay tuned for more details on our activities and offerings at Expo Cannabis Brasil!

              Cannabis Awards and Other 420 Friendly Events

              Cannabis Awards 2024

              Highlighting industry excellence and innovation, these events offer recognition in various cannabis sectors. They shine a spotlight on industry excellence and innovation, celebrating the trailblazers and visionaries of the cannabis world. These ceremonies and festivals are not just about accolades; they foster a sense of community, provide educational experiences, and offer networking opportunities that propel the industry forward in various sectors.

              Florida Cup

              The Florida Cup is a significant event in the cannabis industry, celebrating achievements within Florida. It focuses on acknowledging innovation and quality in the regional cannabis market.

              Legacy Cup

              Hosted by Boveda, the Legacy Cup focuses on cannabis preservation and quality. Boveda's involvement highlights the importance of optimal conditions for cannabis products, showcasing industry advancements in product care.

              Farmers Cup

              The Farmers Cup, held in San Diego, celebrates harvest edition winners and showcases top industry products. It's a key event for recognizing product quality and innovation in the cannabis market.

              Missouri Growers Cup

              The Missouri Growers Cup showcases local growers' expertise in Missouri. This competition provides a platform for local talent to gain recognition and share their high-quality cannabis products.

              California's Emerald Cup

              The Emerald Cup is a prestigious cannabis competition and celebration of cannabis culture. Known for its focus on craft cannabis farming and sustainability, the Emerald Cup also features music, speakers, and a bustling cannabis farmers market. It's a highlight for those interested in the art and science of cannabis​.

              High Times Cannabis Cup

              The High Times Cannabis Cup is a renowned cannabis competition with regional editions like Massachusetts and Oregon People's Choice. This event honors the best public-voted cannabis products, highlighting consumer preferences and industry trends.

              International Cannabis Awards

              The International Cannabis Awards, held in Spain, is considered the "Oscars of weed." This event recognizes international achievements in the cannabis industry, celebrating innovation and excellence on a global scale.

              Northern Nights Music Festival

              Northern Nights Music Festival in California integrates cannabis culture into a major music festival. It features a legal cannabis retail area and includes educational panels, tastings, and pairings.

              Pennsylvania Cannabis Awards

              The Pennsylvania Cannabis Awards recognize top performers in Pennsylvania's cannabis scene. This event involves public nominations and voting, highlighting standout businesses and individuals in the state's cannabis industry.

              The Emjays International Cannabis Awards

              The Emjays awards spotlight excellence within the cannabis industry, honoring those who push boundaries in quality and innovation. It's a gathering that celebrates achievements and fosters community connections.

              As we wrap up this guide on the essential cannabis events of 2024, we invite you to join us at the Grow Up Conventions in Toronto and Edmonton. These conventions are not just events; they are where the future of cannabis is cultivated. Whether you're seeking to expand your knowledge, explore the latest trends, or network with industry leaders, these gatherings promise valuable experiences. Don't miss the chance to meet us there and discover what's new and exciting in the world of cannabis.