Root Boosters

Do your plants and vegetables have stunted growth, or lackluster yields? Then you may have issues at the roots.

Root health is vital for all plants and vegetables and without it, they're more suspectable to deficiencies and toxicities. 

That's why it's paramount to help your plants with the best root boosters for hydroponics and soil grows: Plantacillin and Prop-O-Gator.

Plantacillin is a key ally in establishing a robust root system, utilizing enzymatic activity to decompose dead root matter, thereby making essential nutrients more accessible to your plants. It strengthens plant health and increases yields by ensuring enzymes are actively enhancing nutrient uptake. However, it should be noted that Plantacillin should not be used with 
Hydrogen Peroxide.

Prop-O-Gator is not just a root stimulator; it's an all-in-one solution that promotes vigorous root growth during the initial growth stages, preparing plants for successful transplanting. It simultaneously stimulates rooting while providing essential nutrients, making it an indispensable part of your plant care routine.

Get the most out of your harvest today by grabbing these root boosters for your grow.