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5" Net Pot

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5" Hydroponic Net Pots

Discover the benefits of our 5" Net Pots, expertly designed for hydroponic gardens and tailored for water plants. These pots offer an ideal environment for the flourishing of small to medium-sized plants.

Product Features

  • Spacious Mesh Design: The net pots feature large mesh spacing, meticulously designed to promote extensive root development. This open design ensures that roots have ample room to expand and access the nutrients they need.

  • Ideal for Water Plants: These pots are particularly great for small water plants, providing the necessary conditions for healthy growth in water-based systems.

  • Fits 4" Rockwool Cubes: The size of our 5" Net Pots makes them a perfect fit for 4" rockwool cubes, offering versatility for gardeners who prefer specific growing media. This compatibility ensures a snug and secure fit for the rockwool, aiding in stable plant growth.

  • Durable and Versatile: Constructed to withstand the rigors of hydroponic gardening, these net pots are both durable and reusable, ensuring long-term use across various growing cycles.

  • Optimal Aeration and Drainage: With their design, these net pots provide excellent aeration and drainage, critical components for root health and plant vitality in hydroponic systems.

Our 5" Net Pots are a superb choice for hydroponic enthusiasts looking for reliable and efficient solutions for their gardening needs. They offer the perfect blend of size, breathability, and compatibility, making them an essential tool for nurturing a wide range of water plants.