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6" Net Pot

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6" Net Pots for Hydroponic Gardening

Dive into advanced hydroponic gardening with Future Harvest's 6" Net Pots. Engineered for superior performance in water-based systems, these pots are an excellent choice for larger water plants and orchids.

Product Features

  • Expansive Mesh Design: With large mesh spacing, these net pots are designed to foster significant root development. This spacious structure allows roots to grow freely, enhancing the plant's access to nutrients and water.

  • Ideal for Orchids and Large Plants: Recognized as a top choice for orchid cultivation, these pots provide the perfect environment for orchid roots to thrive. They are also well-suited for larger water plants, supporting their growth in hydroponic setups.

  • Durable and Reusable: Made from high-quality materials, these net pots withstand the demands of hydroponic gardening. Their durability ensures they can be reused, providing value and efficiency over time.

  • Optimized for Hydroponics: These pots are specially designed to improve aeration and drainage, key factors for healthy plant growth in hydroponic systems.

  • Case Pricing: Price reflects the cost for a case quantity, making it convenient for both individual gardeners and commercial operations.

Our 6" Net Pots are the perfect solution for gardeners looking to scale up their hydroponic endeavors. They offer the size, breathability, and quality needed for growing larger plants in water-based environments.