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Black Plastic Plant Saucers - 5 Pack

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Black Plastic Plant Saucers – 5 Pack

Ensure a neat and clean growing environment with our black plastic saucers, available in a variety of sizes to fit your planting needs. These saucers are perfect for collecting excess water and soil spillage, helping to maintain moisture levels while keeping your garden pristine.

Available Saucer Sizes
Type Size (in)
Square 8"
Round 8", 10", 12", 14", 17", 20"


Our plastic planter saucers are sturdy, rugged, and reusable, designed to support your plants throughout their growth. These saucers facilitate an easy check on water levels and enable effortless plant movement.

Featuring a slightly ribbed bottom, our saucers prevent your plant from sitting in water and avoid sticking, ensuring your plants stay healthy. The 8" square saucer is specially designed to cater to square pot users, rounding out our extensive saucer selection.

*Note: Prices reflect a 5 pack of saucers.

Choose our saucers for a practical and durable solution to protect your floors and decks from water damage while keeping your plants perfectly hydrated. Order now and elevate the functionality and cleanliness of your gardening space.