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Square Pot - One Gallon

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1 Gallon Square Growing Pot

Discover the perfect home for your plants with our 1 gallon nursery pots. Ideal for a variety of growing mediums, these 1 gallon plant pots are a staple for both novice and experienced gardeners. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal garden or a commercial greenhouse, these pots provide the resilience and adaptability your plants need.

1 Gallon Pot Dimensions
Dimension Measurement (in) Measurement (mm)
Height 7.5" 190.5 mm
Top (Inner) 4.25" 107.95 mm
Top (Outer) 4.75" 120.65 mm
Base 3.5" 88.9 mm


Our 1 gallon pots are crafted from durable, recyclable black polypropylene, ensuring longevity and performance. Designed with precision drainage at the base, these 1 gallon plastic pots promote healthy plant growth by preventing overwatering.

The molded rim offers a secure grip, simplifying the process of moving or rotating your 1 gallon pots for plants, making them a practical choice for gardeners prioritizing ease and functionality.

Measuring your space for these pots? The question of "how big is a 1 gallon pot?" is answered with the detailed dimensions provided above, ensuring you have all the information to plan your garden layout effectively.

Choose our 1 gallon planting pots for your gardening needs and join a community of satisfied gardeners who trust in the quality and performance of our products.