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Square Pot - Three Gallon

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3 Gallon Square Growing Pot

Unleash the potential of your green space with our high-quality 3 gallon nursery pots. Designed for versatility and durability, these 3 gallon square pots are ideal for a multitude of gardening applications. Whether you're tending to a lush backyard or a commercial greenhouse, our 3 gallon plant pots provide the perfect environment for your plants to flourish.

3 Gallon Pot Dimensions
Dimension Measurement (in) Measurement (mm)
Height 11.5" 292.1 mm
Top (Inner)
9" x 9" 229.0 mm
Top (Outer) 10" x 10" 254.0 mm
Base 7" x 7" 177.8 mm

Made from durable, recyclable black polypropylene, these 3 gallon plastic pots are built to withstand multiple growing cycles, ensuring long-term performance. The well-designed drainage system at the base of the pot guarantees optimal moisture management, crucial for the health of your plants.

These 3 gallon pots are not only functional but also easy to handle. The molded rim provides a comfortable grip for effortless transportation or rotation, making these pots a convenient choice for gardeners and growers alike.

When it comes to size, the 3 gallon pot size is substantial enough to support the growth of various plant species while maintaining a footprint conducive to efficient space utilization. Wondering "How big is a 3 gallon pot?" The dimensions table above provides a clear visualization of the size and space that our 3 gallon plant pot will occupy in your garden setup.

Invest in these 3 gallon planter pots and watch your gardening efforts yield results. Whether you're growing ornamental flowers, succulents, or vegetables, our pots are the growth partner you've been looking for.