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Square Pot - Two Gallon

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2 Gallon Square Growing Pot

Promote your plant's growth with our 2 gallon nursery pots, perfectly sized for substantial growth without taking up too much space. Suited for any growing medium, these 2 gallon plant pots are the go-to solution for gardeners looking for durability and versatility.

2 Gallon Pot Dimensions
Dimension Measurement (in) Measurement (mm)
Height 10" 254 mm
Top (Inner) 7" 177.8 mm
Top (Outer) 7.75" 196.85 mm
Base 6" 152.4 mm


These 2 gallon plastic pots are crafted from commercial greenhouse quality, recyclable black polypropylene, ensuring that your gardening investments are sustainable. The intuitive design with multiple drainage holes at the base of the pot promotes healthy root development.

The ergonomic moulded rim on these 2 gallon pots makes them easy to move and rotate, whether you're rearranging your space or transplanting your plants. Not sure how big is a 2 gallon pot? Our detailed dimensions table provides all the information you need for planning your gardening space.

Order your 2 gallon planting pots today and elevate your gardening success to new heights.