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A split screen of the Future Harvest 3 Part Holland Secret and the 1 Part Easy Grow, Easy Bloom series



Future Harvest has many products on the market and we understand this can be confusing for first time growers or those new to nutrients. Most of what we offer are additives, this means they are not essential to plant growth but using them will help increase your yield and quality. 

The first thing you need to understand is there are 12 essential nutrients plants need to survive. Click HERE to read about the 12 essential plant nutrients.

Here at Future Harvest we have 2 different feeding programs, both of which will offer all 12 essential nutrients. 

Our feeding programs are: Easy Plus Series (Easy Grow and Easy Bloom), and Holland Secret 3 Part Fertilizer (Micro, Grow, and Bloom). 




Future Harvest Easy Plus Series (Easy Grow and Easy Bloom) side by side


Easy Plus Series:

Easy Grow+ and Easy Bloom+ are powdered nutrients filled with everything your plants need to grow! They are an all in 1 formula, containing all 12 essential plant nutrients and sugars. 


How To Use: 

  • Add water, stir thoroughly, and feed your plants! 
  • Follow the Application Guide (CLICK HERE) for easy measurements. 


 For the Easy Plus Feeding Program - CLICK HERE


For our Easy Plus Grow Guide - CLICK HERE




Containers of the Future Harvest Easy Plus Series




Pros of using the Easy Plus Series:

  • Easy to use 1 step program
  • pH stable (Automatically pH’s between 6.3-6.5) 
  • Suitable for both growing in coco and soil
  • Powdered nutrients cannot freeze so you don’t have to worry about their storage temperature 

Cons of using the Easy Plus Series:

  • Cannot be used for hydroponics 
  • Powdered nutrients can be harder to mix into water
  • Paying for convenience: not as cost effective compared to more complex fertilizer programs 




Future Harvest 3 Part Holland Secret containers side by side




Holland Secret 3 Part Fertilizer:

Our Holland Secret 3 Part Fertilizer consists of the Micro, Grow, and Bloom. All three nutrients are used together during the plant's growth. While the plant is in the vegetative stage, Grow will be used in a higher concentration along with Micro, and Bloom. While the plant is in the flowering stage, Bloom will be used in a higher concentration with Micro and Grow. They contain all 12 essential nutrients so your plant doesn’t need any additives to grow successfully. 


How to Use:

  • Measure, mix, and feed your plants!


For the Holland Secret 3-Part Soil & Coco Feeding Program - CLICK HERE

For the Holland Secret 3-Part Hydroponic Feeding Program - CLICK HERE




Future Harvest 3 Part Holland Secret bottles side by side




Pros of using Holland Secret 3-Part Fertilizer:

  • It can be used stand-alone as a complete feed program
  • Cheaper than the Easy Plus Series
  • Comes in liquid form, making it easier to measure out and use
  • Can be used in any grow medium: soil, coco, or hydroponic
  • Automatically buffers pH

Cons of using Holland Secret 3-Part Fertilizer:

  • Since the ratios of the 3 fertilizers change every week, using this program is a bit more complicated than the Easy Plus Series
  • Nutrients are liquid meaning they can freeze if not stored at the correct temperature 
  • Have to use all 3 in conjunction with one another



Both the Holland Secret 3-Part Fertilizer and the Easy Plus Series are complete with all essential nutrients and are perfect for beginners. 
If you want to maximize yield and growth, supplements can be added to your feeding schedule. Future Harvest offers 13 different additives which all have different benefits. 
Future Harvest Super B+ bottle
For beginners wanting to get into additives, we suggest Super B+.
Super B+ is a plant vitamin supplement. It assists in rooting, growing, flowering, fruiting, and keeps your plant stress free. 


For a comprehensive list of our other additives, CLICK HERE 



Good luck! And remember you can always reach out to @futureharvestdevelopments on instagram or email us at marketing@futureharvest.com if you have any questions or need advice.

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Bradl November 05, 2021

Can I use bud boom with the three-part nutrient solution during the late stages of Bloom?

Future Harvest November 05, 2021

Hi Brad!

Yes, Bud Boom should be used in conjunction with Holland Secret Bloom. Bud Boom should be used in the 2-3 weeks (week 6-8 of flowering) before your flush period. I’ve attached a link to our downloads page which features feed schedules: https://futureharvest.com/pages/downloads

It should help clear up any issues you have.

Terry Branget January 11, 2022

Sorry for lengthy message. Bought grow and flower box and downloaded feeding guide. Seems like a lot of chemicals to give a plant weekly. I am wondering do i feed the plants the nutrients everyday that I water or do I feed the nutrients once a week and ph’d water the other days as needed based on every other day feeding ?? Like each week has different numbers which is understandable but do I give the nutrients everytime I feed the plant. FYI – I am growing in soil thank you for your time and look forward to your answer

Future Harvest January 11, 2022

Hi Terry,

Thanks for reaching out.

In regards to your question, there’s no hard-set rule for how many times you feed in a week as each grow is it’s own thing.

For instance, larger pots generally don’t need watering as often, so if you were only watering once a week then you’d want to feed it nutrients at that same time.

A lot of people propose adding nutrients each time you water (excluding when you flush your plant) because it provides a consistent supply of nutrients, so it’s something to consider.

Regardless of the amount of times, we recommend 2 feeds 1 flush – so in your case, you could space out the nutrient dosage for one week over two feedings and then flush with pH water.

Here’s a link to a blog article that helps with reading feed schedules: https://futureharvest.com/blogs/articles/how-to-read-a-feed-schedule

Hope this helped and have a great day,

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