The agriculture industry is moving towards powder fertilizers and nutrients, but with a lot of options out there, picking the right fertilizer for plant growth can become difficult.

Here are some customer testimonials to help you figure out if Dosaline powder fertilizer is right for you and your plants.

Increases Yields


Dosaline is a powerful blend that is enriched with real Fulvic Acid to increase nutrient uptake. This balanced formula ensures your plants and vegetables get all their essential micro and macro nutrients, while also keeping sulfur levels low thanks to the fact that is uses potassium nitrate as its primary potassium source - as opposed to potassium sulfate which can skyrocket sulfur levels and lead to things like reduced nutrient intake and disrupted photosynthesis,

For some great cannabis content, check out @treetrunk422 on Instagram here, and if you want to learn how he got a 3 pound yield using Dosaline, check out this blog, "How much weed does one plant yield? A Dosaline Case Study".

Reduces Costs

Dosaline is highly soluble and is made with fine powder, not prills, which allows it to breakdown faster in water, thus saving licensed producers and hobby growers costs on both production time mixing and time spent cleaning lines that can get clogged by prills.

@MaryJane.N.Everything is a phenomenal grower who you can find on Instagram here, and who also provided us with some great examples of weed measurements for our blog, "A Visual Guide to Weed Measurements".



Dosaline is compatible with Dosers (and all fertilizer injection systems), and while it has been tailored for the commercial grower's every need, it also makes for a great starter fertilizer if you're new to the game. Simply scoop and mix and your plants will reach new heights.

Plus, it's not just for cannabis, Dosaline can be used for all vegetables and plants. For feeding non cannabis plants, half the recommended dosages of these feed charts, and adjust accordingly to how your plants respond.

Trusted Brand

Future Harvest has been around for over 25 years, empowering growers with innovative fertilizers and nutrients, and we have a phenomenal customer support staff filled with growers who can give you expert knowledge whenever needed.

Daniel Lirette, CEO and founder of GrowDoc -  an app that helps cannabis growers diagnose deficiencies, - has been helping growers for years and helped us create cannabis deficiency graphics which you can find here.

In Closing

Whether you're looking for the best fertilizer for cucumbers, or cannabis, Dosaline is one of the best options on the market, and if you're considering buying it, make sure to use code Dosaline10 to get 10% off your order of Dosaline.

Happy growing!