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Prop-O-Gator - (0-3-2)

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Unlock Vigorous Root Growth with Prop-O-Gator

Step into a new era of root stimulation with Future Harvest's Prop-O-Gator. As a plant food specifically tailored for roots, Prop-O-Gator offers an all-in-one solution combining both a root stimulator and fertilizing agent. This unique fusion ensures that your cuttings and clones get the best start possible, fostering strong root growth and preparing plants for seamless transplanting.

Roots lay the foundation for a plant's health, and with Prop-O-Gator, you're ensuring that this foundation is as strong as it can be. Experience the transformative power of a root growth enhancer that not only stimulates but also nourishes.



Available sizes shown from 500mL, 1L, 4L, 10L, 20L, 208L, totes of PropOGator


Key Features

    • All-in-One Solution: Prop-O-Gator stands out as both a root stimulator and fertilizer, eliminating the need for multiple products.
    • Universal Application: Suitable for all situations and grow media. It's especially ideal for pretreating pots before transplanting.
    • Compact Growth: Designed to be low in nitrogen, ensuring plants remain compact until it's time for transplanting and a full feeding schedule.
    • Consistent Excellence: As a rooting stimulant, Prop-O-Gator consistently delivers exceptional results, making it a staple for growers.



    Future Harvest Prop-O-Gator Guaranteed Analysis

    Basic Feeding Recommendations

    • Aeroponic Cloning: Apply to the reservoir at a rate of 5.0mL per Litre.
    • Foliar Spray: Ideal for pre-rooted or post-rooted cuttings. Mix at 2.0mL per Litre.
    • Established Roots: Use Prop-O-Gator until the feeding schedule begins. Mix at 5.0mL per Litre.
    • Pre-Treatment: Soak cubes or pots before roots are established. Mix at 5.0mL per Litre.

    Experience the Prop-O-Gator Difference

    For those pondering "what fertilizer promotes root growth?", Prop-O-Gator is the answer. Dive into the world of enhanced root development with Future Harvest's Prop-O-Gator and witness the robust growth and vitality in your plants.

    Downloads and Schedules

    For more information on how to use Prop-O-Gator, please refer to our Downloads and Schedules tab.

    For foliar spray recipes that include Prop-O-Gator, simply click here to go our blog article on foliar spray recipes.

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