In our last blog post we busted some cannabis myths. Today we're giving you some straight facts!


Did you Know Cannabis Gender

 Cannabis Gender Basics for New Growers

For new growers it's important to note that cannabis has two distinct genders, that way they can weed out the males (sorry for the dad pun). Monoecious plants on the other hand, have male and female reproductive flowers on the same plant. 


Did you Know Cannabis and Hops Connection

Cannabis and Hops: A Family Connection

Cannabis sativa and Hops are both members of the Cannabaceae family in taxological classification. They both are flowering resinous plants that produce terpenes and aromatic compounds that make cannabis smell and taste the way it does. 


Did you Know cannabis history

 A Glimpse into Cannabis History

Genetic research and archaeological evidence suggest that humans began cultivating cannabis for a variety of reasons some 12,000 years ago in East Asia. 


Did you Know Taxonomists

 The Taxonomy Debate: Sativa vs. Indica

This is a heated debate amongst the taxonomists community. Some argue Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica should be regarded as separate species within the same genetic family, while others contest that Cannabis indica is merely a sub-species of Cannabis sativa. 


Did you Know Photoperiodism

 Cannabis and Photoperiodism

Cannabis is photoperiodic meaning that it can measure the hours of darkness through chemical processes in the leaf. If the leaf senses long nights, (ie. 12 hour of darkness) it will trigger flower production.


CO2 Did you Know

 The Role of CO2 in Cannabis Growth

For optimal growth, cannabis plants require specific conditions. Without CO2 supplementation, photosynthesis is limited beyond temperatures higher than 27 degrees Celsius, as plants start to lose more carbon through respiration than they’re able to gain from the atmosphere. CO2 allows for higher rates of carbon fixation and photosynthetic potential at temperatures near 40 degrees celsius.

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