Customize your Grow with Future Harvest’s New and Advanced Nutrient Feeding Chart Calculator

The Future Harvest Nutrient Calculator is your go-to tool for creating a precise cannabis feeding schedule. It's designed to help you determine the exact amount of Future Harvest nutrients you should mix into your water for optimal plant health and performance, whether you're following a feeding schedule for cannabis or other plants.

With its user-friendly interface, the calculator factors in growth stage, growing media, the size of your reservoir or watering can, and the duration of your crop's growth cycle. This ensures that you have a consistent cannabis feeding chart tailored to your needs.

Once you've set your preferred parameters, our calculator will provide a detailed cannabis nutrient schedule, quantifying the amount of Future Harvest nutrients you'll need. Recognizing that every strain has its unique needs, especially when it comes to a flowering chart or vegetative chart, our nutrient calculator lets you adjust the weeks of vegetative or flowering stages.

Here's a step-by-step overview of how our advanced plant nutrients chart works:

Choosing your Growing Media

Begin by selecting your preferred growing medium from the dropdown menu located at the upper left-hand side of the calculator. Future Harvest's Nutrient Calculator offers three primary mediums to choose from:

  • Soil: A traditional and widely-used medium, soil offers a natural environment for plant roots. It retains moisture well and contains organic nutrients that plants can tap into. However, nutrient management can be a bit more challenging due to the organic matter present in the soil.

  • Coco: Derived from the husk of coconuts, coco coir is a sustainable and pH-neutral medium. It boasts excellent water retention and aeration properties, ensuring roots receive ample oxygen. Coco requires more frequent watering than soil and offers a faster growth rate due to its superior air-to-water ratio.

  • Hydroponic: This water-based cultivation method excludes the use of soil. Plants grown hydroponically often exhibit faster growth and larger yields, given the direct nutrient access. However, it demands meticulous monitoring of nutrient levels and pH.

Want to learn more about the world of growing mediums? Check out our blog here for in-depth insights and tips.

Set Your Reservoir Size

Adjacent to the medium dropdown, you'll find the 'Reservoir Size' option. Here, input the volume of water you'll be using. The adjacent dropdown allows you to toggle between gallons and litres, catering to your measurement preference.

⚠️ Reminder: Ensure that your units of measurement (gallons or litres) are correctly set before proceeding. This is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the chart values and recommendations.

Adjust the Duration of your Grow Operation

By default, the calculator sets your growth cycle to 6 weeks of vegetative growth and 8 weeks of flowering. Directly below, a dropdown menu lets you adjust these durations as per your plant's specific needs. Whether you're extending the vegetative phase or shortening the flowering period, the calculator adapts to your inputs.

Indica Dominant Strains

  • Example: Northern Lights, Blueberry, Granddaddy Purple
  • Vegetative Phase: Typically 4-6 weeks. Indicas generally have a shorter vegetative phase compared to sativas.
  • Flowering Phase: Around 7-9 weeks. Indicas flower quicker and are known for their dense buds.
Sativa Dominant Strains
  • Example: Haze, Amnesia, Jack Herer
  • Vegetative Phase: Usually 6-8 weeks. Sativas grow taller and might require a longer vegetative phase to mature fully.
  • Flowering Phase: Around 9-12 weeks. Sativas take longer to flower, but they produce airy and fluffy buds.

Hybrid Strains

  • Example: White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush
  • Vegetative Phase: Generally 5-7 weeks. Being a mix of indica and sativa genetics, hybrids can vary widely based on their dominant lineage.
  • Flowering Phase: Typically 8-10 weeks. The flowering time for hybrids depends on the specific strain and its genetic makeup.

Auto-flowering Strains

  • Example: Blue Cheese Auto, Critical Mass Auto, Amnesia Haze Auto
  • Vegetative Phase: Shortened to 2-4 weeks. Auto-flowering strains transition to the flowering phase based on age, not light cycles.
  • Flowering Phase: Around 5-7 weeks. These strains are bred for rapid growth and quick harvests.

    Note: While these are general guidelines, it's essential to monitor your plants and adjust the growth cycle based on their specific needs. Factors like lighting, nutrients, and growing conditions can influence the growth rate and flowering time. For a more in-depth guide on determining the optimal growth duration for your specific strain, check out this detailed guide on cannabis growth cycles.

    Understanding Future Harvest's Nutrient Lines in the Calculator

    The Future Harvest Nutrient Calculator is akin to a dynamically reactive feed schedule, offering a more interactive and tailored experience compared to the static schedules you might be familiar with on our downloads page. Each of the three specialized nutrient lines is designed to cater to varied growing needs, ensuring precision and adaptability for every grower.

    It's crucial to note that these base nutrients are mandatory for the grow schedule, and they cannot be excluded from the nutrient solution. Additionally, they must be mixed in the chronological order they appear in the nutrient calculator chart.

    For an in-depth exploration of our products, we've crafted detailed guides on Future Harvest's Additives and Base Nutrients.

    Holland Secret / Liquid Line

    is one of Future Harvest's flagship nutrient lines, meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of growing needs. This line is renowned for its versatility, making it suitable for both novice and experienced growers.

    Base Nutrients: The foundation of the Holland Secret Line revolves around its core base nutrients, which are essential for establishing a strong and healthy growth foundation for your plants. These include:

    • Holland Secret Micro
    • Holland Secret Grow
    • Holland Secret Bloom

    Key Additives: To further enhance and optimize plant growth, the Holland Secret Line offers a range of key additives tailored for specific growth stages and conditions:

    Vegetative Stage Additives:

    • Super B+: Boosts plant metabolism, enhancing growth and yield.
    • Royal Gold: Increases root development and nutrient uptake.
    • Plantacillin: Protects plants against harmful pathogens.
    • Carbo Blast: Provides an energy boost, ensuring robust growth.
    • Prop-O-Gator: A root stimulant that promotes root health and development.
    • Royal Black: Enhances nutrient absorption (Note: Excluded in hydroponic media).
    • Calnesium: Essential for cell wall structure and plant strength (Only in coco media).

    Flowering Stage Additives:

    • Bud Start: Initiates early flowering, setting the stage for a bountiful harvest.
    • Ton o Bud: Maximizes the middle stages of blooming.
    • Bud Boom: Ensures a robust and dense flower formation.
    • And all the additives from the vegetative stage, adjusted based on the growing medium and base water PPM.

    Special Considerations:

    • If your base reservoir PPM value is over 200, consider using Holland Secret Hard Water Micro as a replacement for the regular Micro.
    • If the base water PPM exceeds 350 ppm, it's advisable to exclude Calnesium from your regimen.

    The Holland Secret Line, with its combination of base nutrients and key additives, ensures that your plants receive a balanced and comprehensive nutrient profile, tailored for every stage of their growth cycle. Whether you're cultivating cannabis or other plants, this nutrient line promises optimal health, growth, and yield.

    Bloom Boosters Line of Powders and Liquids

    The Easy Plus Series / Powder Line

    is a go-to option for growers seeking an efficient and effective nutrient solution, especially during the flowering stage. This nutrient line is known for its simplicity and compatibility with a wide range of grow media, making it a popular choice among both beginners and experienced cultivators.

    Base Nutrients: The foundation of the Easy Series / Powder Line consists of base nutrients tailored to support the flowering stage. These include:

    • Easy Grow Plus
    • Easy Bloom Plus

    Similar to the Holland Secret Line, these base nutrients are mandatory for the grow schedule and cannot be excluded from the nutrient solution. They must be mixed in the order they appear in the nutrient calculator chart.

    Easy Plus Series product photo

    Key Additives for Flowering Stage: The flowering stage is the highlight of your plant's growth cycle, where it produces robust buds. The Easy Series / Powder Line provides a set of key additives during this phase to maximize bud development:

    • Surge Plus: Enhances nutrient uptake and plant resilience, particularly during the flowering stage, resulting in larger, more aromatic buds.
    • Bud Start
    • Ton o Bud
    • Bud Boom
    • Carbo Blast

    These additives are designed to enhance flowering and increase bud density and potency. Notably, all of these products are powders, which is why we refer to the Easy Series as our "powder line." Additionally, the liquid and powder versions of Bud Start, Bud Boom, Ton o Bud, and Carbo Blast are interchangeable, providing flexibility to growers who may have a mix of powder and liquid products.

    Media Compatibility: The Easy Series / Powder Line is versatile and compatible with various growing media, including soil and coco. However, please note that this line is not suitable for hydroponic grows.

    Dosaline / Commercial Line

    offers a unique nutrient solution designed to meet the demands of commercial growers. With a focus on precision and efficiency, this line provides essential nutrients for both vegetative and flowering stages.

    Base Nutrients:

    • Dosaline Base
    • Dosaline Grow
    • Dosaline Bloom

      Key Additives:

      • Hypo: Dosaline Hypo is a liquid product that contains Hypochlorous Acid, a powerful disinfectant that helps maintain a clean and disease-free environment for your plants.

      • Surge Pro: Surge Pro is a powder additive that enhances nutrient uptake and overall plant health. It boosts root development and supports nutrient absorption, ensuring robust growth.

      Entire Dosaline Product Line

      Medium Compatibility: Dosaline nutrients and additives are suitable for various growing mediums, including soil, coco coir, and hydroponics. This versatility makes it a valuable choice for commercial growers working with different systems.

      Flowering Stage: During the flowering stage, it's acceptable to use our Bloom Boosters alongside Dosaline, whether in powder or liquid form. This combination enhances flower development, leading to larger, more potent buds.

      Usage Tips: To achieve optimal results, follow the nutrient schedule provided by the Dosaline / Commercial Line in the Future Harvest Nutrient Calculator. Ensure that you mix the base nutrients and additives in the recommended order, maintaining the integrity of your nutrient solution.

      Optimal Nutrient Concentrations - Deciphering PPM Scales

      Towards the lower section of the chart, you'll discover recommended nutrient concentration ranges, measured in parts per million (PPM). PPM is a crucial metric that quantifies the nutrient levels in your water, guiding you towards an ideal nutrient balance for your plants. These recommended ranges are essential week by week guidelines to ensure your crops receive the right nourishment.

      It's worth noting that all our PPM recommendations are based on the 500 PPM scale rather than the 700 PPM scale, a common reference point in hydroponics. To confirm these values using an electrical conductivity (EC) meter, follow this simple conversion: multiply the provided PPM values by 2, then divide the result by 1000.

      By adhering to these PPM ranges and understanding the scale used, you can fine-tune your nutrient solution precisely to your plants' requirements, promoting healthy growth and robust yields. Monitoring PPM levels in your water is an essential aspect of successful cultivation, ensuring your plants receive the optimal nutrient concentrations they need.

      Considerations and Monitoring

      • Some nutrients may be needed more during specific growth stages. Depending on your specific circumstances, you can adjust the recommendations provided by the calculator according to crop response.
      • Regularly monitor your plants' health and growth to ensure they are receiving the appropriate nutrients. Adjustments may be necessary throughout the growing season.
      • Maintain records of your nutrient applications and plant growth to track progress and make informed decisions in subsequent growing seasons.

      This comprehensive guide empowers you to navigate the Future Harvest Nutrient Calculator effectively, helping you optimize your plant growth and yield. Whether you're a novice or an experienced grower, our nutrient calculator, coupled with the versatility of Future Harvest's nutrient lines, ensures a tailor-made approach to plant cultivation for successful and rewarding results.

      Our New and Advanced Nutrient Feeding Chart Calculator

      Our new and improved Future Harvest Nutrient Calculator is a revolution in hydroponic feed and plant nutrition planning. While our original calculator was a great tool for those following a basic cannabis feeding schedule, the new version offers much more.

      Expanded Product Line Options

      Say goodbye to limitations. Now, switch effortlessly between:

      • Easy Series / Powder Line
      • Holland Secret / Liquid Line
      • Dosaline / Commercial Line

      Catering to every grower, from beginners to commercial operators.

      Implemented Volume Calculation with Batch Adjustments

      The volume calculator now comes with a "batches per week" adjustment. This feature is crucial for growers aiming for precision, as it helps accurately record the total volume one can expect to use throughout the entire growth cycle. By considering the frequency of nutrient batches prepared each week, growers can get a more accurate estimate, eliminating guesswork and ensuring efficient nutrient usage.

      Customizable Feed Chart

      We understand that every grower has unique needs. That's why the new calculator allows users to remove rows of products they don't wish to include in their feed chart. When using our new calculator, remember to remove any products you don't wish to include after you've fully filled out your inputs. This ensures that your feed chart is precisely tailored to your specific requirements. And don't worry, if you need to readjust your selections, any removed products will seamlessly return to the feed chart.

      Mobile Friendly alternative

      Switch to Desktop for Full Functionality

      For mobile users looking to access the full functionality of the Future Harvest Nutrient Calculator, simply tap the "Switch to Desktop Version" button at the top of the page. This ensures that you have complete control and all the features needed for precise nutrient planning, just like on a desktop computer. Enjoy a seamless experience, whether you're on the go or at your computer.

      Dynamic Chart Title, Easy Sharing, and Customization

      Our new calculator offers a dynamic chart title that adapts to your nutrient line and grow media selections. This dynamic title is prominently displayed in the top left of the chart, making it ideal for growers who prefer to print their feed chart. It's a feature that ensures every printed chart is well-labeled, simplifying organization and reference.

      Additionally, the calculator allows you to save an Excel copy of your feed schedule, streamlining sharing and customization. This functionality enables growers to add annotations and notes to their spreadsheet throughout the feeding cycle. For those who prefer a hard copy, the print feature makes accessing your feed chart a simple click away.

        Final Thoughts

        The Future Harvest Plant nutrient calculator is more than just a feed calculator. It's a comprehensive tool designed to optimize crop yield, minimize nutrient waste, and enhance nutrient uptake. Whether you're looking for an advanced nutrients feeding chart or trying to determine the right ml per gallon for your setup, this calculator has got you covered. With its focus on both veg calculator and flowering needs, it ensures that your plants get the best possible nutrition. We're committed to helping you achieve a successful harvest. Happy growing!

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