What is hemp?

Hemp is a cannabis plant from the cannabaceae family. 


How does hemp differ from cannabis? 

Hemp is technically a type of cannabis. The biggest and easiest difference between hemp and cannabis is that hemp doesn’t contain any THC, the compound found in cannabis that gets you “high”. Due to regulations, hemp is classified as a cannabis plant that contains  0.3% or less THC. 


Different types of hemp

There are two kinds of hemp, one is grown for seeds and typically can be found in colder climates. The other is grown taller and used for making fiber, it is found most often in warmer climates. Hemp is classified into 3 species, sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Ruderalis is found across Eastern Europe and Russia, and is often lower in THC and higher in CBD than other cannabis plants. 

What is hemp used for?

Hemp has almost unlimited uses. It is used to make clothing, fabric, rope, shoes, paper, and even insulation! Hemp seeds, known as hemp hearts, are incredibly nutritious and full of fatty acids. Many people use them for cooking or add them to foods like yogurt or oatmeal!


Hemp is NOT psychoactive and cannot get you "high"!


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Can I grow hemp with Future Harvest nutrients?

Yes! All our products have been tested on cannabis plants with great results. Because hemp and cannabis are grown differently, feed schedules and levels will have to be adjusted; for example, lower levels of phosphorus will be required, so the ratio of Holland Secret Grow, Micro, and Bloom should be increased. Contact our instagram @futureharvestdevelopment for more information, questions, or advice! 


Holland Secret Micro, Grow, and Bloom




How do I grow hemp?

Unlike cannabis, hemp is more often grown outdoors. While cannabis requires more room to grow, hemp plants grow quite close together. They are also less maintenance than cannabis plants. Hemp is fairly easy to grow as it thrives in many climates. 


Hemp plants grow very close together! They are generally planted at 100 plants per square meter, while cannabis plants are anywhere from 1-20 plants per square meter. 


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Can you smoke hemp?

Technically yes… however, smoking hemp will not produce any sort of “high”, like THC cannabis, as it is not a psychoactive. Studies haven’t yet shown if smoking hemp has any benefits. 


Hemp is legal in most countries where cannabis is illegal! 

What is hemp oil used for?

Hemp oil is often used in cosmetics such as lotions and face oils. Hemp has been found to reduce wrinkles and is used for anti-aging! 

How are hemp oil and CBD oil different? 

Hemp oil actually contains almost no CBD. CBD is extracted from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of a cannabis plant while hemp oil comes from the seeds. Both oils offer their own unique benefits. For example, CBD oil is often used to treat anxiety disorders, while hemp oil is not. Hemp oil is generally used for food while CBD is used medicinally. 


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Bonus Facts:

While recreational Cannabis and hemp are very closely related, they do have a cousin worth mentioning.  The hops used in beer production are also a member of the cannabis family! There is research being done to hybridize hops to produce CBD so it can be grown in areas that prohibit any type of Cannabis growing. It also has many of the same terpenes which give flavour to Cannabis, so for someone who enjoys the tastes they might want to consider drinking a few IPAs as well!


Hops contain terpenes and resin, just like cannabis! 


Good luck! And remember you can always reach out to @futureharvestdevelopments on instagram if you have any questions or need advice.