Welcome to the Introductory Guide to Growing Cannabis with Future Harvest Easy Plus Series, tailored specifically for beginners eager to embark on their cultivation journey.

If you're just starting out, you might find yourself brimming with queries. Delve into a comprehensive FAQ on cannabis cultivation to ease into the basics and establish a strong foundation.

To become acquainted with the nutrients that will nourish your garden, explore the Beginner's Guide to Future Harvest Nutrients. And for those curious about the extra boosts that additives provide, discover the role and benefits in the Guide to Future Harvest's Additives.

Growing in the Garden:

What you can Expect:

  • 4 plants yielded
  • 220 grams of dry Cannabis flower

What you will need:

  • 4 plants
  • Strain Grown: 8 week Rockstar
  • Dates: March 3 - April 28

    Equipment List

    Get your supplies together! You should have propagated seeds or clones. Don’t forget your Easy Grow+ and Easy Bloom+!

    Grow Medium Soil / Coco / Rockwool 8 gallons
    Easy Plus Series Easy Grow+ & Easy Bloom+ 1 of each
    Oscillating Fan To move air around 1
    4" or 6" Extraction Fan To get air in & out 1
    Carbon Filter To eliminate odours 1
    1 Gallon Measuring Container A milk jug will work! 1
    Measuring Spoons Teaspoon & Tablespoon 2
    Light Timer To turn your lights on & off automatically 1
    Pots 1 gallon & 2 gallon pots (Plastic or Fabric) 4X 1 Gallon & 4X 2 Gallon
    Grow Tent For growing indoors 1
    100-200 WAT LED Lights For growing indoors 1

    Setting up your grow tent

    First things first, you’ll want to prepare where your plants are going to grow. This can either be in a room, closet, tent, or even outside. We recommend using a grow tent as it allows for the best light cycle, the least amount of smell, and the cleanest grow. You can find grow tents online for reasonable prices.

    Once you have your grow tent set up, you should attach your light to the ceiling. Make sure the light is able to move as you may have to shift it upwards as your plants grow.

    You’ll want fans in the tent to circulate the air and bring new clean air in from outside. If you want to install a carbon filter for the smell, you can do so.

    A light timer is crucial to turn your lights on and off so your plants stick to their light cycle. You can find these cheap at your local hydroponics store.

    pH testing


    Although our Easy Plus Series is pH buffered, we recommend testing your pH periodically to make sure nothing is throwing it out of the optimal range. Test your pH with a pH meter or test strip.

    When growing in soil, you'll want your pH to be between 6.0-7.0. When growing hydroponically or soil-less, you’ll want your pH to be between 5.5-6.5.


    • During the day (lights on), we recommend keeping your grow between 24-27°C (75-80°F).
    • At night (lights off), we recommend keeping your grow between 20-22°C (68-72°F).
    • When growing hydroponically, you’ll also want to monitor the temperature of your nutrient solution (Keep it between 17 and 22°C / 63-72°F).

    precipitation on window

    Humidity Levels

    • For clones and seedlings, keep humidity at 65%-80%.
    • During vegetation, keep the humidity between 55-70%.
    • During early flowering, humidity should be between 40-55%.
    • Plants in late flowering are most comfortable with a lower humidity. Keep it between 30-40%.

    ventilation in grow room


    As your plants grow, you may have to move the light up, or have your plants on the ground. You can easily burn them if the light is too close or too hot. Rotating and switching your plants is recommended so they all grow evenly and receive the same amount of light.


    For best practice, flush with straight water every third feeding. Test the pH of your tap water and use pH Up or Down as needed. Some plants can be watered every day, but with others, it won’t be necessary. When growing in soil, stick your finger into the soil 4-5cm deep. If the soil is dry, it is time to water.

    How to tell when your plants need to be fed or watered

    • Drooping leaves can be a sign of under watering. However, they can also be a sign of over watering. In the case of over watering, your plant should still have green leaves while in most under watering situations the plant will look sickly.
    • Yellow or brown leaves can be a sign of under watering. However, it is completely normal for leaves to turn color during flowering. If you have yellow or brown leaves during vegetation, your plant is likely suffering.

    Under watering is better than over watering! Not only is under watering easier to correct, but when your under watered plants are showing signs of distress it should only take a few hours to perk them back up.Remember, a young plant will take up less water than a mature one. Small plants might only need to be watered every 2-3 days.

    close up of cannabis leaf

    Less is more!

    For optimal growth, water your plants a little at a time every day. If the nutrients are pouring into the tray, you have over watered and will need to let the plants dry out before you can water or feed again. Remember, less is more!

    Remember to monitor your plants closely!

    As the plant continues to develop, you will need to move the lights up as they grow. Remember, as long as the plants are still getting 18 hours of light a day, you can bend the plants in a way so they all grow together with the same height.

    two hand holding the top of a grown cannabis plant


    After approximately 2-4 weeks the plants will be 12 inches to 18 inches tall (depending on the strain). We can now transplant the 1 gallon containers over to the 2 gallon containers. Fill the 2 gallon containers half full with your grow medium. One by one, hold the base of your plant as you turn it upside down and watch the root structure slide out of the pot. Gently place the plant into a 2 gallon container then add more medium to fill the pot. Make sure the original base of the plant is at the top of the 2 gallon container.


    Now it’s time to start the flowering stage! Simply switch your timer to 12 hours lights on and 12 hours lights off. Now fill up your measuring container and add Easy Bloom+ (follow feed chart for recommended dosage amounts). For optimal growth, continue to feed every day and flush with pHed water every third feeding.

    As the plants continue to grow in the 12 hour light cycle they will start to produce flowers. You can increase the dosage of nutrients as they will want to drink more water and take in more food. You will no longer be able to bend your plants as the stalks are now hollow to allow for maximum water and nutrients to get up to the buds.

    Keep an eye out for critters, pests, and deficiencies! We recommend taking daily photos of your plants so you can monitor them closely.

    The plants will stop growing any vertical height after 3 weeks of the flowering stage. You should keep the plants under 3 feet of height (preferably 24 inch to 30 inches in height).

    close up of fully grown cannabis buds

    You should now notice a lot of flower development.

    After approximately 7 weeks of the flowering stage, you should start only using straight tap water when watering your plants. It’s also time for you to prune off the large fan leaves to allow more light into the plant. Pruning the plant will make the buds harder as it will think the season is ending.

    Harvest Time

    We bet your plants look awesome! The buds should be nice and hard. Now all you need to do is cut the plants at the bottom of the stalk and hang dry upside down in a dark place with good air circulation. It will take about 4-7 days for the buds to dry depending on the temperature and humidity.

    Make sure the buds are dry before you start processing the plant!

    Once processed, put the dry material into a sealed bag for 1 day. This will allow the moisture content to even out in the product. You don’t want them too dry to the point they create dust, but you don’t want them too wet so they grow mold.

    When in doubt, over dry is always better than mold!

    It’s that easy to get a massive yield!

    From using 166 watts of QG LED (4 x 4ft), we managed to yield 220 grams of dry cannabis flower!
    Easy Series Products

    Congratulations! You've successfully grown your own cannabis with Future Harvest.

    Take pride in rolling and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Ready for another round? Simply stock up on Easy Grow+ and Easy Bloom+ to embark on your next cultivation adventure.

    Pro Tip: For an enhanced experience, allow your cannabis to cure in the bags for at least 2-3 weeks. Your patience will be rewarded with improved taste and potency.

    A Heartfelt Thank You from the Future Harvest Family

    We're thrilled to be a part of your growing journey. Happy growing!

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